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Madness Took Us All M4/V4 Value Stack

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Buy all 4 products in the Madness stack and SAVE on this massive collection of poses and expressions for Michael 4 and Victoria 4, themed around Verve's Psych Ward set.! Compatible with Poser

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This Value Stack Includes


Madness Took Me for V4


Madness Took Me Too for V4


Madness Took Me for M4


Madness Took Me Too for M4

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Product Description


All four products in the stack previously sold at Runtime DNA

As the ambulance wound its way up the long, rural drive, beneath the aging oaks and birches of the expansive grounds, I could see my new home looming in the distance. An ominous, angular, towering structure with jagged towers at the corners, and rows of narrow, darkened windows. In the lower center, the entry way extended outward in a concrete and brick canopy over an arched double door of some antiquity, with ornate, tall, arch-topped windows directly above that gave quite the gruesome impression of a evil grin and gaping maw swallowing the souls of the weak minded - and it seemed it was feeding time.

Bedlam asylum - not the home I had hoped for growing up, but where I was now doomed to be another wretched soul wandering its halls.

It took me time, as everything I was taught said otherwise - but I learned: Madness is contagious. Insanity can be taught. Insanity can be dictated. Insanity can be passed from one person to another as readily as the common cold. The greater and more prolonged your exposure, the greater the risk. I spent most of my adult life exposed to it, and in my middle age was surrounded by it, and that's when madness took me.

Do you see it? No? Keep looking. I didn't see it at first, either. I was blind to it. Would never have known it existed, except, one day, after drinking this funny tasting drink, I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye. It was horrible. I tried to run, but it caught me. I tried to fight it off...I am still trying to fight it off. It's just too strong, and it's got all those tendrils and pseudo pods, reaching out, into everything, everyone. Once I knew it was my real master, it broke me... and that's when madness took me!

"It was just a bad dream - I just need to calm down. A drink of water will help." *sip* "Where is this green glow coming from?.... why does this water taste strange?...head spinning...voices...shadows...shapes...Noooooooooooo!" *crash*

The stack contains over 240 hand crafted poses for Michael 4 and Victoria 4, interacting with each other and with the props from the environment (Wheelchair and Bed mainly)!

For full use of all items, the stack requires Michael 4, Michael 4 Morphs++, Victoria 4, and Psych Ward by Verve. Can be used with other settings but adjustments will be needed in the poses.

What's Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2)
    • 60 Full body poses for M4 plus mirrors (120 poses total)
    • 60 Full body poses for V4 plus mirrors (120 Poses total)
    • 16 Expressions for M4 (6 with Mirrors, 22 Total)
    • 16 Expressions for V4 (6 with Mirrors, 22 Total)
    • 30 Positioning Poses to move M4 to preset locations in the Psych Ward set.
    • 30 Positioning Poses to move V4 to preset locations in the Psych Ward set.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11212
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Victoria 4, Michael 4
Compatible Software No
Release Date May 13, 2016

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