Face Sculpt Kit for SuzyQ 2 Zoom

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Face Sculpt Kit for SuzyQ 2

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Bring creative styling and flexibility to SuzyQ 2 with this pack of original, high-quality head sculpting morphs. Pick up this sculpting pack today and dial up a dream or craft a new nightmare! Compatible with Poser

Product Description


Easily change the shape and location of Suzy's brows, eyes, mouth, face, cheeks, ears, nose (including specific regions), lips, chin and jaw. Add great features like wrinkles, mouth lines, lip shapes, vampire teeth, faerie lashes and elven ears.

This package is delivered in pmd format. it includes injection and removal poses, dial groups and extra utilities to easily work with morphs and groups.

Requires SuzyQ 2

Previously available at RuntimeDNA

What's Included & Features

  • Morphs
    • 180 flexible head and eye morphs for SuzyQ 2, most of which can be dialed forwards and backwards
      • Brows: Brows Height, Brows In, Brows Size, Brows Width, Brows Depth, Brows Angle, Brows Inner In, Brows Outer Out, Brows Inner Height, Brows Mid Height, Brows Outer Height, Brows End Height, Brows Soften
      • Eyes: Eyes Height, Eyes Fwd, Eyes In, Eyes Size, Eyes Turn In, Eyes Squinty, Eyes Anime, Lenses Convex, Irises Concave, Pupils Cat, Pupils Wide
        • Upper Lids: UpLid In Height, UpLid Mid Height, UpLid Out Height, UpLid Wrinkle High, UpLid Wrinkle Mid, UpLid Wrinkle Low, UpLid Smooth.
        • Lower Lids:LowLid In Height, LowLid Mid Height, LowLid Out Height, LowLid Wrinkle High, LowLid Wrinkle Mid, LowLid Wrinkle Low
        • Lashes: Lash Ends Height, Lash Ends Fwd, Lash Ends Tall, Lash Ends Width
        • Partial Eyes: REye Size, LEye Size, REye Height, LEye Height, REye In, LEye In, REye Fwd, LEye Fwd
      • Mouth: Mouth Height, Mouth Fwd, Mouth Tall, Mouth Width, Mouth Depth, Mouth Angle
        • Mouth Accent: Mouth Sides Fill, Mouth Sides Tweak, Mouth Sides Soften, Mouth Cheek Dimple, Mouth Cheek Hollow, Mouth Corner Dimple, Mouth Corner Hard, Mouth Lines, Mouth Lines Age, Mole Raise
        • Philtrum: Philtrum Width, Philtrum Mid Depth, Philtrum Notch, Philtrum Curve, Philtrum Define, Philtrum Soften, Philtrum Soft Sides
      • Head: Face Height, Face Fwd, Face Width, Face Heavy, Temples Narrow, Temples Depth, Temples Angle, Temples Smooth
        • Cheeks: Cheeks Full, Cheeks Small, Cheeks Height, Cheeks Fwd, Cheeks In, Cheeks Tall, Cheeks Width, Cheeks Narrow, Cheeks Soften, Cheeks Hollow High, Cheeks Hollow Low
      • Ears: Ears Height, Ears Fwd, Ears Tall, Ears Depth, Ears Out, Ears Elven, Ears Soften
      • Nose: Nose Height, Nose Fwd, Nose Tall, Nose Width, Nose Depth, Nose Angle
        • Bridge: Bridge Height, Bridge Fwd, Bridge Tall, Bridge Width, Bridge Depth, Bridge Angle, Bridge Lump High, Bridge Lump Mid, Bridge Lump Low, Bridge Curve High, Bridge Curve Low, Bridge Straight.
        • Nosetip: Nosetip Height, Nosetip Fwd, Nosetip Size, Nosetip Tall, Nosetip Width, Nosetip Angle, Nosetip Bulb, Nosetip Split, Nosetip Point, Nosetip Soften
        • Septum: Septum Height, Septum Fwd, Septum Width, Septum Depth, Septum Angle, Septum Bulge, Septum Soften
        • Nares: Nares Height, Nares Height Curve, Nares Fwd, Nares Tall, Nares Width, Nares Width Curve, Nares Depth, Nares Angle, Nares Flare, Nares Chisel, Nares Thin, Nares Soften
      • Lips: Up Lip Fwd, Up Lip Tall, Up Lip Round, Up Lip Angled, Up Lip Chiseled, Up Lip Curved, Up Lip Pinch, Up Lip Soften, Low Lip Fwd, Low Lip Tall, Low Lip Round, Low Lip Blocky, Low Lip Crescent, Low Lip Curved, Low Lip Squared, Low Lip Soften
      • Teeth: Teeth Narrow, Teeth Narrow Front, Upper Fangs, Lower Fangs
      • Chin: Chin Length, Chin Size, Chin Width, Chin Angle, Chin Point, Chin Dimple, Chin Split, Chin Soften
      • Jaw: Jaw Fwd, Jaw Tall, Jaw Width, Jaw Depth, Jaw Angle, Jaw Soften, Jaw Smooth
      • Right Eye Morph: RLens Convex, RIris Concave, RPupil Cat, RPupil Wide
      • Left Eye Morph: LIris Concave, LLens Convex, LPupil Cat, LPupil Wide
  • Utilities
    • Zero head dials and zero body dials - for quickly starting over from scratch!
    • Suite of collapse and expand poses for handling groups
    • Send collapse poses to the poser python palette as scripted tools

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11588
Genre Toon
Compatible Figures SuzyQ 2
Compatible Software No
Release Date May 1, 2017

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