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  • Ken Gilliland

SBRM Waterfowl Vol 4 - Geese, Loons, Grebes & Coots

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Songbird ReMix Waterfowl Volume 4 features Geese, Loons, Grebes & Coots found throughout the world. Compatible with both Poser and DAZ Studio.

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Songbird ReMix Waterfowl 4 encompasses the remaining Geese, Loons, Grebes and Coots; not found in the previous three volumes. This collection has a variety of geese found throughout the world from the iconic Canada goose to the exotic looking Egyptian goose to the common Greylag goose. Loons and Divers are represented by the Great Northern Loon whose haunting call is imprinted on woodland lake movie scenes and the Black-throated Diver of the Arctic. Grebes and Coots differ from Ducks because of their lobbed feet and thighs which set back further on the hip. Six species from around the world are included.

Songbird ReMix Waterfowl Volume 4 includes five Geese, two Loons (aka "Divers"), five Grebes and three species of Coots.

What's Included & Features:

  • Models
    • Songbird ReMix3 Goose Base (.cr2/.obj format)
    • Songbird ReMix3 Loon Base (.cr2/.obj format)
  • Bird Species (.pz2 and .duf formats)
    • Geese
      • Canada Goose
      • Egyptian Goose
      • Emperor Goose
      • Greylag Goose
      • White-fronted Goose
    • Loons and Divers
      • Great Northern Loon
      • Arctic Loon (aka Black-throated Diver)
    • Grebes
      • Australasian Grebe
      • Little Grebe (Europe)
      • Little Grebe (Asia)
      • Pied-billed Grebe
      • Western Grebe
    • Coots
      • American Coot
      • Eurasian Coot
      • Hawaiian Coot
  • Poses(.pz2 format)
    • Coot Bottoms Up (can be used for Grebes too)
    • Coot Paddle (can be used for Grebes too)
    • Coot Stand
    • Goose Feed
    • Goose Flight1
    • Goose Stand
    • Goose Walk
    • Grebe Stand
    • Loon Paddle
    • Loon Stand
  • Field Guide and Manual in .PDF format (Includes detailed information about behavior, nesting and range)


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Additional Information

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