About HiveWire 3D

Welcome to Hivewire 3D where we’ve set forth to create not just another webstore, but rather a destination where everyone—new or experienced—can come to share, shop, and sell digital content. Hives are not just structures swarming with busy occupants; Hives are structures swarming with productivity, collaboration, and like-minded individuals working towards a common goal—and our Hive is no different. Founded by Christopher Creek, the creator of Victoria and Michael, and an original founder of DAZ 3D; HiveWire 3D is your new connection to all things digital content. Whether it’s Poser or DAZ Studio, hobbyist or professional, everyone is welcome to join our swarm.

Here at HiveWire 3D we live, work, and operate based on five guiding principles:

We Create

We are innovative and we strive to break paradigms in order to do things the right way; not just the way they’ve been done in the past. We create what we know is right.

We Collaborate

We are first and foremost: a team. We work together, accept input, and give input when needed in order to do what is best for the individual and the community as a whole.

We Communicate

We are honest and straightforward with everyone.  We don’t make promises we can’t keep and we don’t hide behind a “big corporate” shield.

We Commit

We are committed to the customer, the community, and our contributing artists to deliver the best possible content and user experience. We succeed together. We learn from our mistakes and we do our best to correct them.

We Care

We care about each individual on our team and in our community. We understand respect must be given in order to be received, and we act accordingly.

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