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Breast and Butt Rig for SuzyQ 2

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Bring realism, control and perfect posing possibilities to your Suzy renders with Netherworks' Breast and Butt Rig. Compatible with Poser

Product Description


Whether you want Suzy to be natural, perky, profound or bootilicious - this cool tool has got you covered!

Requires SuzyQ 2

Previously available at RuntimeDNA

The BB Rig is an add-on for SuzyQ 2 that will allow you to apply gravity, motion, shaping and other effects to her more delicate parts. This works without touching Suzy's original rigging and can be extended to clothes and smart props (including dynamic cloth)!

This tech works with Suzy's scaling dials as well as morphs (including any morph packs that come along)... Automatically

It functions basically like conventional clothing with handles...except that there is no clothing -- just handles. You can grab them and move them manually (or use the dials) and Suzy's breasts and buttocks can be posed!

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.cr2)
    • Breast and Butt Rig (BBRig)
      • 6 Handles that can be manually moved, which affect Suzy, her clothes and any smart props
        • 2 central Breast cones that manipulate the base of each breast and a bit of the surrounding area of the chest, collars and abdomen
        • 2 end Breast cones that manipulate the center of the breast, from the nipple to just past the middle of each breast
        • 2 central Butt cones that manipulate the whole of each buttock and a bit of the surrounding area
      • Each handle is able to control motion 6 ways (via rotation or translation) and control size in 4 ways (overall size + 3 axis)
      • Shape and Motion can be dialed individually
      • Full Body Dials for simultaneous motion and shaping
      • Special Python based tool that ties it all together, functioning like magnetizing does for other figures
  • Utilities and Tools (.pz2, .cm2)
    • Send to Pallete
    • Connect BB
    • Create Thickness Morph in clothing
    • Hide Handles
    • Show Handles
    • Handle Styles
      • Wireframe
      • Outline
      • Soft
    • Reset Dials
  • Comprehensive PDF Guide

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11589
Genre Toon
Compatible Figures SuzyQ 2
Compatible Software No
Release Date May 1, 2017

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