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CatsEyes for Sora

CatsEyes is a stylized character, crafted for HiveWire Sora for Dawn, with some unique body proportions and features. Compatible with Poser

Product Description


The CatsEyes character was crafted for Sora, but is also compatible with Dawn SE. Her materials include EZ-MATs and EZ-Eyeliner, which allow changing the texture colors (eyes, eyeliners, lipstick and nail polish) to anything you like (16 million colors). Her stylized head and curvy body shape can be applied separately for best flexibility. Requires Poser 10+.

EZ-MATs: CatsEyes offers an infinite number of makeup and nail polish combinations. A few presets are included, but you are NOT limited to them. Unleash your creativity and easily create your own colors for eyeliners, eye colors, lipstick and nail polish. You now have 16 million colors to chose from, while preserving all texture details, thanks to the included EZ-MATs.

EZ-Eyeliner: Dawn doesn't have a specific MAT zone for eyeliners, but CatsEyes comes with a special material node that allows you to set her eyeliner shape and color without affecting the face texture. They are completely independent! Set any eye shadow presets, and then set the eyeliner color to anything you like. I provide 2 eyeliner masks, but you can make your own and plug them into the EZ-Eyeliner node to expand the possibilities.

What's Included & Features

  • Morph Presets(.pz2)
    • CatsEyes FULL
      • Applies all CatsEyes morph options and full body textures, and automatically sets both Sora and CatsEyes morphs
      • Sora morphs must be already loaded for this to work
    • INJ CatsEyes
      • Adds CatsEyes morphs to Dawn
    • REM CatsEyes
      • Removes CatsEyes morphs from Dawn
    • CatEyes ON
      • Turns both Sora and CatsEyes morphs on
      • CatsEyes morphs must be already injected for this to work
  • Morphs
    • Head Morphs
      • CatsEyes head shape
      • Nose size
      • CatsEyes eyes closed
      • CatsEyes left eye closed
      • CatsEyes right eye closed
    • Body Morphs
      • CatsEyes body shape
      • CatsEyes hips round (stylized)
      • CatsEyes breast apart >CatsEyes breasts wide
      • Flexible head and body morphs
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • Flexible materials with full automatic support for Firefly and Superfly (Superfly requires Poser 11+).
    • 1 full body texture preset
    • 3 skin glossiness level presets (dry, normal, shiny)
    • 6 eye texture presets, with 16 million possible options (EZ-MATs)
    • 1 default eyeshadow preset
    • 8 eyeshadow presets in combination with eyeliner1
    • 8 eyeshadow presets in combination with eyeliner2
    • 2 EZ-Eyeliner presets with 16 million possible options (EZ-Eyeliner)
    • 7 lipstick presets, with 16 million possible options (EZ-MATs)
    • 7 nail polish presets, with 16 million possible options (EZ-MATs)
  • Textures
    • High-res 4K textures

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11455
Genre Anime
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software No
Release Date Dec 15, 2016

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