Catula for the HiveWire House Cat Zoom

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Catula for the HiveWire House Cat

In that terrifying moment, when you awake from a deep sleep to find two glinting green eyes staring back at you in the dark you then realize that forgot to FEED your runtime? Don't worry! Catula will remind you! Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.9+ and Poser 11.2+

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Product Description


UPDATE - Poser version added 11-5-2019!

The Catula is a strange creature indeed.
A beast with eyes like saucers
and teeth like pearls so bright
they glint and hint of stranger things
'neath the velvet night.

Catula for the HiveWire House Cat will take your pretty kitty to new and strange heights, whether it be at home around the fireplace curled up next to Sora, in the depths of exotic jungles, or in the castles of Romania.

Your renders will be chocked full of fun and adventure, even in cartoon style. Catula comes with two full body morphs, three different face morphs, and three cartoon big eye options much like your Ty Beanie Baby style.

Also included are four expression poses and return to base poses for full body, body only and head only.

Head and body morphs can be mixed with the cat base, but some minor adjustments may have to be made for smooth lines to the neck.

Poser version added 11-5-2019!!

What's Included & Features

  • Body Options (individual .dufs in DAZ Studio, .pz2 INJ/REM for group in Poser)
    • CatulaFull01
    • CatulaFull02
    • CatulaFull03
    • Body01
    • Body02
  • Eye Options (individual .dufs in DAZ Studio, .pz2 INJ/REM for group in Poser)
    • BigEyes 01
    • BigEyes 02
    • BigEyes 03
    • Small Pupil
  • Face-Expression Options (individual .dufs in DAZ Studio, .pz2 INJ/REM for group in Poser)
    • Face01
    • Face02
    • Face03
    • Hiss
    • Laugh Yawn
  • Base Reset Options (.dufs - DAZ Studio only)
    • Zero Expression
    • HWCatBaseBody
    • HWCatBaseFace
    • HWCatBaseFull

Please note that there is one download file that contains both the Poser and DAZ Studio versions

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11713
Genre Horror, Contemporary
Compatible Figures HiveWire House Cat
Compatible Software Poser 11.2+, DAZ Studio 4.9+
Release Date Nov 5, 2019

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