CWRW Ultra Textures for the HW Horse Pack 2 Mini-Set - Red Dunskin Zoom

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CWRW Ultra Textures for HW Horse Pack 2 Mini-Set - Red Dunskin

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A high resolution, high detail mini-set of coats, manes, tails and fetlocks for the HiveWire Horse. Requires the HiveWire Horse. Foal textures require the HiveWire Foal. Toon textures require the 3D Universe Toon Horse. Custom made for and Compatible with Poser 10+ and DAZ Studio 4.10+

Product Description


As a result of customer requests, we are offering the CWRW Ultra Textures for the HiveWire Horse Pack 2 in smaller mini-sets!

Roans, Pintos, and Dunskins are available separately or buy the Entire Pack for extra savings!

Our Ultra Textures include high res diffuse, spec and bump maps to give a vibrant, rich and realistic look to the HiveWire Horse. This set can be used with ANY HiveWire Horse product such as the HW Horse, Foal, Toon Horse, and any of the breed morph packs. Given the high resolution of these maps, they are made for professional quality commercial artwork well as giving fabulous superior quality results for the hobbyist. Also includes specific MATs for using with the Foal and Toon Horse. All materials now include versions for Iray and 3Delight for DAZ Studio, and Superfly (requires Poser 11+) and Firefly for Poser.

Update 8-29-2018 (in store 8-31-2018)

Added Poser Superfly and Daz Studio Iray MATS, updated Paths of Materials in both DS & Poser Versions. Please see ReadMe for info on how to update!

What's Included & Features

  • Material Files (custom and optimized) (duf, mc6)
    • Red Dunskin: 1 horse coat option, 1 Toon Horse coat option
    • Matching Long and Short Mane and Tail options
    • Foal Mane option for all (short tail option works for the Foal as well)
    • Toon Horse Eye option for all
  • High Resolution Maps
    • 6000x6000 Skin Maps
    • 4000x4000 Mane and Tail Maps
    • 2048x2048 Fetlock Maps
    • 2048x2048 Toon Eye Map
    • Trans, Spec and Bump Maps

Special Thanks to FlintHawk for her help in the development of this texture set.
Note: Product is NOT a Merchant Resource.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10703
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures HiveWire Horse
Compatible Software No
Release Date Dec 1, 2014

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