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Diamond Skies

Quiet, still and deep, the night sky gently flows along as the stars glisten like diamonds through the trailing clouds. Background Images

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The stars were sparkling in the clouds like diamonds in the night sky, calling out to me to scoop them up in my camera and I could not resist their song. For several hours, I drank in the splendor of these incredible clouds flowing across the starry Tennessee sky with the light of the full moon creating surreal, magical scenes. Some of these clouds actually can not form in the daylight and only are seen in the night, when the air is cool and the layers of the atmosphere are not being churned by the sun's heat. I hope you find as much joy using them in your artwork as I did capturing them that glorious night.

All 26 images are 4000 x 2600+ pixels and will work with your favorite rendering software. This size is perfect for immediate import into Poser (which has a 4000px max). They are very large images that allow you to make choices in using all or part of an image in your scene.

As a disclaimer, long exposures in such low light always have more grain than a daylight image, but at 4000px, they should have more than enough resolution to enjoy. And just to be clear, these are ALL night shots and the stars were actually in the original photo which you see in the "a" versions. I added more stars to a few of them, just for greater effect, as a separate version. Each photo in this series was taken during a single night between 1AM and 4AM. When you have a full moon and take long exposures, they can be bright, like daytime images, but with the stars showing (and with more grain). And yes, for the technical folks, I did use a star tracking unit to keep the stars from making trails, except for the bright moon shot where I turned the tracking off to keep the trees sharp. The stars totally blurred leaving just the moon, trees and clouds.

There are 10 unique images with 2 to 4 versions of each image. Most had plenty of stars already in the image, so they are "a" original and "b" with flares added to stars. But a few seemed like they could use a version with some extra stars, so I added a "c" more stars version.

There are two exceptions to this rule:

  • 2203-9352a is a long exposure of the moon (no, it's not the sun), with "b" stars added and "c" with flares
  • 2203-9510a,b,c,and d are "a" blue original, "b" blue with flares, "c" gold original, and "d" gold with flares
    • Oh, and the gold was the actual original - I made the blue version from the gold

What's Included & Features

  • Images (.jpg)
    • 26 images, 4000 x 2600+ pixels

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Additional Information

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