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Dusk's Head Morph Resource Kit

Mix and match these morphs to create your own custom faces for Dusk! Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

Product Description


Use these 50 partial head morphs for your own artwork or combine with other morphs in a character you can sell to others.

What's Included & Features

  • 50 Partial Head Morphs
    • RKDuskBrowCheekWide
    • RKDuskBrowLower
    • RKDuskBrowWide
    • RKDuskCheekBoneWide
    • RKDuskCheekHollow
    • RKDuskCheekTissue
    • RKDuskEyeLidUpperHeavy
    • RKDuskEyesAlmondThin
    • RKDuskEyesBaggy
    • RKDuskEyesLacrimalHeight
    • RKDuskEyesLacrimalSmall
    • RKDuskEyesRound
    • RKDuskEyesUpperFoldFull
    • RKDuskEyesUpperFoldFull2
    • RKDuskEyesUpperFoldFull3
    • RKDuskFaceYoung
    • RKDuskFacialBones1
    • RKDuskFacialBones2
    • RKDuskFacialBones3
    • RKDuskFacialBones4
    • RKDuskFacialBones5
    • RKDuskFacialBones6
    • RKDuskHeadWide
    • RKDuskMouth1
    • RKDuskMouth10
    • RKDuskMouth2
    • RKDuskMouth3
    • RKDuskMouth4
    • RKDuskMouth5
    • RKDuskMouth6
    • RKDuskMouth7
    • RKDuskMouth8
    • RKDuskMouth9
    • RKDuskMouthAreaFull
    • RKDuskNativeAmerican
    • RKDuskNose1
    • RKDuskNose10
    • RKDuskNose11
    • RKDuskNose12
    • RKDuskNose13
    • RKDuskNose14
    • RKDuskNose15
    • RKDuskNose2
    • RKDuskNose3
    • RKDuskNose4
    • RKDuskNose5
    • RKDuskNose6
    • RKDuskNose7
    • RKDuskNose8
    • RKDuskNose9


  • This is a Merchant Resource Kit
    • These morphs can be combined and/or used with your own morphs or be taken into your modeling program to create your own custom faces for Dusk.
    • This license does not allow for the creation of freebies with these morphs.
    • Your final character morphs are yours to sell or use commercially.
    • You may use these morphs for your personal commercial and non-commercial rendered artwork.
    • You can NOT combine these morphs with other morphs (unless they are also merchant resources or your own morphs) in a commercial product.
    • You must create your morphs in such a way that the original morph target can not be extracted from the character you create.
    • You can not spawn one of these morphs as an individual morph which would allow someone to change the parameter value of the morph to re-create the original morph.
  • Limits are set in negative ranges as long as they do not break the mesh.
  • These morphs DO NOT support the large eyelashes.
  • These Morphs DO NOT support eyes closed.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10883
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures Dusk
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jul 9, 2015

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