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  • Satira Capriccio

Elfen Lyan for Dawn

From Lyan, an Ancient House of Travelers, Elfen Lyan is a unique texture and preset/custom morph character for Dawn. Compatible with Poser 10+


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Product Description


Gifted with her own Personal Space Exploration Pod, the Elfen Beyond, the young Traveler ventures into the Great Beyond. Touched by the Stars at birth...she goes where no Elf has gone before.

Elfen Lyan comes with a separate Elfen Ear morph, which is included in the full Elfen Lyan Injection, as well as separately, and two texture sets.

  • Set 1 (Star Touched) has stars sparkled over her face and body with Dark Corneas and White Lashes
  • Set 2 (No Stars) has Transparent Corneas and Dark Lashes

Requires Dawn, Dawn Starter Morphs, Dawn's Head Shapes, and Dawn's Body Shapes

Materials are optimized for the Firefly Render Engine.

What's Included & Features

  • Morphs (.pz2)
    • INJ/REM to add/remove Elfen Lyan Ears custom morphs
    • INJ/REM dial presets to set/clear the above morphs and various morphs from the required packs (morphs are listed in ReadMe)
  • Materials (.pz2)
    • Elfen Lyan Base Skins
      • Set 1 (Star Touched)
      • Set 2 (No Stars)
    • Eyes
      • Dark Corneas
      • Transparent Corneas
      • 10 Eye colors
      • White Lashes
      • Black Lashes
    • Faces
      • 1 Face without Makeup (Set 1 Star Touched)
      • 1 Face without Makeup (Set 2 No Stars)
      • 6 Faces (Set 1 Star Touched)
      • 6 Faces with Makeup (Set 2 No Stars)
    • Lip Colors
      • 7 Lip colors (Set 1 Star Touched)
      • 7 Lip colors (Set 2 No Stars)
    • Nail Colors
      • 7 Nail colors (Set 1 Star Touched)
      • 7 Nail color (Set 2 No Stars)

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 12042
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software Poser 10+/Pro2014
Release Date Sep 20, 2019

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