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Fantasy Gazebo Value Stack

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Buy Fantasy Gazebo, Fantasy Gazebo Elevated, and Molar Island together and SAVE!
Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

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This Value Stack Includes


Fantasy Gazebo


Fantasy Gazebo Elevated

Requires item #1 from this list


Molar Island

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Product Description


Get all the items in the Fantasy Gazebo Value Stack and render your fantasy island!

What's Included & Features


Fantasy Gazebo

This lovely Fantasy Gazebo can be used in parts or with the included preloaded scene. Material presets are provided so if you change the materials you can return them to the original.

  • Models (.duf, .cr2, pp2)
    • Fantasy Gazebo
    • FG HoneyBees
    • FG Leaves
    • FG TreeInsert
    • FG Windows
  • Preloaded Scene (.duf, .cr2)
  • Original Material Settings (.duf, .mc6)
    • Fantasy Gazebo
    • FG HoneyBees
    • FG Leaves
    • FG TreeInsert
    • FG Windows
  • Textures (.jpg)
    • 15 Texture files 4096x4096
    • 16 Texture files 2048x2048


Fantasy Gazebo Elevated

Take the Fantasy Gazebo to new heights with these "elevated" add-on props!

Requires Fantasy Gazebo

Set your gazebo atop an ancient tree stump, add a handcrafted staircase and climb your way to new heights of peaceful tranquility. Stairs and landing and tree stump are also provided as individual props so additional sets of stairs can be added as you wish.

  • Models (.duf, .pp2)
    • FGE Tree Stump
    • FGE Stairs Upper
    • FGE Landing
    • FGE Stairs Lower
  • Scene Preloads (.duf, cr2)
    • FGE Preload All (Fantasy Gazebo and Fantasy Gazebo Elevated)
    • FGE Preload Stair Set
  • Material Settings (.duf, .mc6)
    • 3Delight (DAZ Studio) and Firefly (Poser) presets for the Landing, Stairs and Tree Stump
  • Textures (.jpg)
    • 6 texture files 4000x4000
    • 6 texture files 4096x4096


Molar Island

A tranquil island sanctuary created especially for the Fantasy Gazebo - however, it can also be used alone or with your favorite figures or props.

Requires Fantasy Gazebo and Fantasy Gazebo Elevated - however, it can also be used alone or with your favorite figures or props.

  • Models (.duf, cr2, .pp2)
    • Molar Island
      • trees can be turned off individually
      • water plane is adjustable
  • Zeroed Tree Props for use in other scenes
    • Z-Tree Center
    • Z-Tree Left
    • Z-Tree Right
  • 3Delight and Firefly Material Settings (.duf, .mc6)
    • Molar Island All
    • Edge Grass
    • Tall Grass
    • Tree Full
    • Tree Bark
    • Tree Leaf
  • 3 Water Presets
    • Water Smooth
    • Water Medium
    • Water Rough
  • Texture files up to 4096x4096 (.jpg)
    • 27 diffuse, bump, specular and transparency maps

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11474
Genre Fantasy, Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jan 3, 2017

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