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HiveWire Whisper

A tiny, magical "Whisper" of a Unicorn to bring to your fantasy renders! Compatible with both Poser and DAZ Studio

Product Description


Fragile & delicate, little Whisper has arrived. Look for the Elves and Fairies, and you'll find Whisper, but you must believe in Unicorns.

Don't blink, don't talk too loudly, or Whisper may disappear!

Requires the HiveWire Horse.

What's Included & Features

  • HiveWire Whisper for the HiveWire Horse(.obj, .cr2, .duf)
    • Native Poser Vertex Weight-Mapped and DAZ Studio TriAxTM Weight Mapped Figures
      • HW Whisper Beard
      • HW Whisper Horn
      • HW Whisper Tail
  • "Load All" Scene files for Poser and DAZ Studio
    • Loads the Horse, Mane, Fetlocks, Whisper Tail, Whisper Horn, and Whisper Beard, with the Whisper morph and textures applied for all figures.
  • Materials (.mc6, .duf)
    • Separate Materials provided for DAZ Studio Iray (Requires DS 4.8+) and 3Delight Render Engines
    • Combined Materials provided for Poser Superfly (Requires Poser 11+) and Firefly Render Engines
      • Correct materials will be applied depending on which Render Engine is chosen
    • Flower Materials
      • 1a_Flower Whisper
      • 1b_Flower Beard
      • 1c_Flower Fetlocks-Back Long
      • 1c_Flower Fetlocks-Back Short
      • 1c_Flower Fetlocks-Full
      • 1d_Flower Mane-Long
      • 1d_Flower Mane-Short
      • 1e_Flower Tail-Long
      • 1e_Flower Tail-Short
      • 1f_Flower Uni Tail
      • 1g_Flower Horn
    • Gold Materials
      • 1a_Gold Whisper
      • 1b_Gold Beard
      • 1c_Gold Fetlocks-Back Long
      • 1c_Gold Fetlocks-Back Short
      • 1c_Gold Fetlocks-Full
      • 1d_Gold Mane-Long
      • 1d_Gold Mane-Short
      • 1e_Gold Tail-Long
      • 1e_Gold Tail-Short
      • 1f_Gold Uni Tail
      • 1g_Gold Horn
    • Silver Materials
      • 1a_SilverWhisper
      • 1b_Silver Beard
      • 1c-Silver Fetlocks-Back Long
      • 1c-Silver Fetlocks-Back Short
      • 1c-Silver Fetlocks-Full
      • 1d_Silver Mane-Long
      • 1d_Silver Mane-Short
      • 1e_Silver Tail-Long
      • 1e_Silver Tail-Short
      • 1f_Silver Uni Tail
      • 1g_Silver Horn
    • Eyes
      • Eyes Blue
      • Eyes Brown
      • Eyes Gold
  • Textures
    • High Resolution 6000x6000 Skin Maps

Special Thanks to CWRW and HiveWire Beta & QAV Teams, for their help in the development of this figure.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11160
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures HiveWire Horse
Compatible Software Poser 11+
Release Date Apr 15, 2016

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