Jungle Heat for Lisa's Botanicals Asiatic Lily Zoom

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Jungle Heat for Asiatic Lily

Take your jungle from drab to dramatic with colorful varieties of tiger lilies and exotics, even if your idea of a jungle is only your own backyard! Requires Lisa's Botancials Asiatic Lily. Compatible with Poser & DAZ Studio

Product Description


Requires Lisa's Botancials Asiatic Lily.

Don't let your garden be a shy tiger - make it roar with a little Jungle Heat!

Jungle Heat textures for Lisa's Botanicals Asiatic Lily include several varieties of bright tiger lily and jungle exotics, that will give your render backgrounds that fiercely colorful expression they need.

Textures are created from real photos of Asian lily varieties. Custom and optimized textures come complete with bump maps and specular maps for that added realism.

Spice up your renders with 37 different textures with matching anthers and stamens, 4 leaf and stem options, and two bud texture options

What's Included & Features

  • Materials (.duf, .mc6)
    • Petals
      • Akela (pale yellow)
      • Bali Hai (hot Pink)
      • Beguiling (spotted yellow and red-orange)
      • Bengal Tiger (deep rich orange)
      • Blue Hornet (cobalt blue and yellow)
      • Daintree (pink with maroon center)
      • Dr. Livingston (orange with rusty edge and red orange center)
      • Dragon Blood (yellow with dark blood red center)
      • Golden Moon (deep golden yellow)
      • Heart Of Darkness (maroon with black center)
      • Hissing Cobra (red-orange stripes with white and black spots)
      • Isha (pink with white and maroon center)
      • Jungle Fire (deep maroon with orange center)
      • Jungle Spark (lite maroon with orange center)
      • Khan (yellow and orange stripes with orange spots)
      • Mandaro (hot pink stripes with white and pink spots)
      • Mandata (hot pink and white stripes with pink spots)
      • Marsh_Fox (peach with dark peach center)
      • Misted Rose (rose pink)
      • Passion Fire (white with purple and pink center)
      • Passion Snow (white with purple center and maroon spots)
      • Quicksand (spotted yellow, orange, and red)
      • Raja (hot pink and orange tips)
      • Rakasha (salmon pink with dark rust center)
      • Ranjini (orange with pink tips and white stripes)
      • Red ZhuZuo (red with white center)
      • Rubina (hot pink with lite pink stripes)
      • Shy Tiger (white with orange center and black spots)
      • Spotted Leopard (dark maroon and white)
      • Suncatcher (bright sunshine yellow)
      • Sunset (bright yellow maroon and orange)
      • Thunder Torch (bright red and dark rust center)
      • Tigerina (bright orange with red-orange center)
      • WhiteSpear(deep maroon with white tips)
      • Wilder Tiger (medium orange with dark orange stripes and black spots)
      • Zaheera (salmon with fuchsia center)
      • Zuri (hot fuchsia and white with fuchsia spots)
    • Bud, Leaf and stems
      • 1_Greenbuds (spring green)
      • 1_LeavesStems (parallel veined medium green leaves and stems)
      • 2 LeavesStems (veined leaves - medium green)
      • 3 LeavesStems (veined leaves - lite green)
  • Textures (.jpg)
    • 37 2048x2048 pixel Petal Maps with matching buds, stamens, anthers, and new leaves and stems textures
    • 3 2048x2048 pixel Leaf and stem maps
    • 1 2048x2048 pixel Green bud mapp
    • 1 2048x2048 pixel Petal and bud transma

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11162
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Apr 12, 2016

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