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Kelpie for the HiveWire Horse

Covered in water weeds and algae, you might find your doom in the water horse's watery lair. But capture its magic silver bridle, and its power is yours to command. Requires the HiveWire Horse. Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

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Product Description


Kelpie for the HiveWire Horse strives to artistically represent the legend of the wicked water spirit described in Scottish myth. Taking the form of a horse covered in water weeds, a kelpie will stalk the woods and villages near the waters' edge, looking for victims. It appears as a lost horse, bridled, docile, and ready to be mounted by unwary travelers or children. The unfortunate soul who touches it can never break away from the kelpie, doomed to be dragged into the loch, never to be found again.

The magic silver bridle the kelpie wears contains its power. If one were to capture the kelpie's bridle, they would be in control of the spirit's strength and power, able to force the kelpie to do their bidding. It is best to be wary, however, as the kelpie will endeavour to reclaim their bridle, and do not take kindly to servitude.

Includes Materials for the HiveWire Unicorn Horn, Beard and Tail.

What's Included & Features:

  • Figures (.cr2,.duf)
    • Conforming Bridle
  • Morphs (.pmd, .pz2, .duf)
    • Kelpie Teeth
      • INJ/REM in Poser
      • ON/OFF options in DAZ Studio
  • Materials (.mc6, .duf)
    • For the HiveWire Horse
      • Horse
      • Mane
      • Tail
      • Fetlocks
    • For the Unicorn Addons for the HiveWire Horse
      • Horn
      • Beard
      • Tail

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10739
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures HiveWire Horse
Compatible Software No
Release Date Feb 2, 2015

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