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Land-Escapes - Oceans Vol. 2

Inspire your escape to lands of imagination! Background Images

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"She looked out to sea, thinking of her true love as she walked the soft, warm sands of the beach. He had left to seek his fortune almost a year ago and she had not heard a word from him since. Her parents and friends said that it was time to let him go, to think of her future, and of the suitors she had here. But, she could not let go the memory of Brighton, his quick smile and eyes the stormy blue of the sea and his plea for her to wait for him. She looked down the beach again with a sigh and then her heart leaped as a familiar silhouette caught her eye. He waved and then began running towards her. Her true love had returned!" - The Tides of Love

Escape to Lands of Imagination!

22 Realistic painted mattes of imaginary lands. Oceans Vol. 2 contains images of shores, beaches, ocean views and islands from various perspectives.

These are simple jpgs and can be dropped into the Environments tab in Daz Studio or used as a background in Poser. They can be used as a texture on a primitive to make a background, on walls as pictures in a rendered room or through windows. They can be used in layers in your favorite art program to add a background to a rendered png image. And they can be painted directly on! Or you can just use them as wallpaper on your electronic device. Escape to elsewhere!

What's Included & Features

  • Images
    • Beyond the Shores (4096x3072)
    • Dangerous Shores (4096x3072)
    • Desert Coast (1024x1024)
    • Evening Islands (4096x3072)
    • Full Moon Coast (4096x3072)
    • Green Cliffs of the Tropics (2560x2560)
    • Island Chain (1024x768)
    • Island Group 01 (1024x768)
    • Island Group 02 (1024x768)
    • Mystic Islands (4096x3072)
    • Mysterious Islands (1024x768)
    • Rough Shoals 01 (2048x1536)
    • Rough Shoals 02 (2048x1536)
    • Sand Bars (3840x3840)
    • Seaside (1920x1080)
    • Shallow Isles (1920x694)
    • Silhouette Islands (1920x1920)
    • Smuggler's Cave High Tide (1600x1600)
    • Stormy Islands (1920x1920)
    • Sunset on the Islands(4096x3072)
    • The Sea Bridge (2048x1536)
    • Tropical Isles (2048x1536)

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Release Date Feb 15, 2019

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