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Monica for Dawn - Poser

No one is going to tear their eyes away from your renders when Monica is present because her beauty is just..breathtaking! Compatible with Poser Separate DAZ Studio Version available


Product Description


Monica's face was custom modeled in ZBrush and can be used alone without any other morph packages, but there is also an option included that is designed to take advantage of HiveWire 3D's Dawn Starter Morphs, Dawn's Head Shapes and Dawn's Body Shapes packages.

Her skin was painted with Mudbox 2015 and she comes with two Poser 9 Firefly material presets (the non-SSS material can also be used with Poser 11) and with Poser 11 combined Firefly/Superfly material presets.

Separate DAZ Studio Version available

What's Included & Features

  • Shapes
    • 1 Preset to inject Dawn's Base morphs (included with Dawn) plus Monica custom head morph.
      • This also turns on the Monica Head preset
    • 1 Preset to inject All required morphs
      • Dawn Base Morphs
      • Dawn Starter Morphs
      • Dawn's Head Shapes
      • Dawn's Body Shapes
      • Monica custom head
    • 1 Monica Head preset
      • Monica custom morph mixed with morphs from Dawn's Head Shapes
    • 1 Monica Body and Head preset
      • Monica custom morph mixed with Dawn's Head Shapes and Dawn's Body Shapes
    • 1 Preset to remove Monica custom morph
  • Dials
    • 1 VW_H_Monica dial under \Body\VW_Custom_Morphs\
  • Materials
    • Poser 9-10-GameDev Materials
      • SSS shaders (Firefly Renderer)
      • Non-SSS shaders (Firefly Renderer)
    • Poser 11 Materials
      • Combined SSS shaders for both Firefly and Superfly renderers
    • Options for each of the above
      • 1 preset to apply full skin materials
      • 7 Make-up options (eyeshadows plus lipstick)
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Green
        • Natural
        • Pink
        • Purple
        • Smoke
      • 7 Lip Colors
        • Brown
        • Natural
        • Peach
        • Pink
        • Red
        • Rose
        • Tangerine
      • 9 Eye Colors
        • Aqua
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Blue Dark
        • Brown
        • Brown Dark
        • Gray
        • Green
        • Hazel
        • Olive
      • 2 Eyelash Colors
        • Brown
        • Black
    • Texture Maps
      • 15 Diffuse, bump, specular, transparency maps (2048 x 2048)
      • 19 Diffuse, bump, specular, displacement maps (4096 x 4096)
  • Important Notes:
    • Please see ReadMe file for important information about which presets to use, depending on your version of Poser!
    • The Subsurface Scattering material presets for Poser 9 are not compatible with the Poser 11 Superfly renderer.
    • The Non-SSS material presets for Poser 9 can be used with the Poser 11 Superfly renderer.
    • The Poser 11 material presets are not compatible with prior versions of Poser.
    • HiveWire 3D Starter Morphs, Head Shapes and Body Shapes are only required for the alternate Monica head and body presets included in this package and shown in some of the promotional images.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11084
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software Poser 11+
Release Date Feb 22, 2016

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