Nature's Wonder Giant Moths Zoom

  • Ken Gilliland

Nature's Wonders Giant Moths

Four enormous “bird-sized” moths. Updated with Native DAZ Studio version and Iray Materials. Compatible with both Poser and DAZ Studio.

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Product Description


Moths comprise a group of insects related to butterflies, belonging to the order Lepidoptera. Most species of moth are nocturnal. Enormous "bird-sized" moths are often called "Giant Moths".

This set comprises the four most common of the Giant Moth types; the Silk Moth, the Luna Moth, the Death's Head Moth and the Sphinx Moth.

UPDATED 1-25-2017 to include a separate Native DAZ Studio version and Iray Materials!

What's Included & Features:

  • Models
    • Nature's Wonders Moth model (.cr2/.obj format)
      • A fully articulated model with controls to fold or flap wings, unravel the Proboscis (feeding tube), move/curve antennae, legs and abdomen.
  • Moth Species (.pz2 and .duf)
    • Cecropia Silk Moth
    • Death's Head Hawkmoth
    • Luna Moth
    • White-lined Sphinx Moth
  • Materials
    • Species files above apply SSS Shaders (Poser) and Iray Shaders (DAZ Studio - requires DS 4.8+).
    • Non-SSS Shaders for Poser 8 users (.mc6)
    • 3Delight Shaders for DAZ Studio users (,duf)
  • Poses (.pz2 format/) (Poses are DAZ Studio compatible)
    • Moth Flight1
    • Moth Flight2
    • Moth Landed Hortizontal
    • Moth Landed Vertical
    • 7 maintenance poses to reset portions of the model
  • Illustrated PDF Manual on how to use the product and a Field Guide on the included moth species.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Release Date Dec 21, 2015

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