Nature's Wonders Lizards Zoom

  • Ken Gilliland

Nature's Wonders Lizards

The lizard model that can morph into hundreds of different species. Compatible with Poser 9+ and DAZ Studio 4.9+

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Product Description


Lizards are found on every continent, except Antarctica, and represent 6,000 different species. There are four infraorders in the lizard family (Lacertilia): Iguanas and Chameleons (Iguania), Geckos and Snake Lizards (Gekkota), Old World arboreal lizards (Amphisbaenia) and Skinks, Anguimorphs, and Venomous Lizards (Autarchoglossa). Lizards differ from snakes in that most have feet and exterior ears. This set has two of the most common lizards in North America: the Eastern and Western Fence Lizard, with multiple variations.

Separate DAZ Studio version (with presets for both Iray and 3Delight Render Engines), and Poser version (with presets for both for Superfly - requires Poser 11+ - and Firefly Render Engines) are included.

What's Included & Features

  • Models (.cr2, .obj, .duf)
    • Nature's Wonders Lizard model
      • A fully articulated model with over 100 controls and morphs included
    • Nature's Wonders Lizard Tail model
      • A fully articulated model with 9 tail parts
      • Not supported in Poser 9
  • Lizard Species (.pz2, .duf)
    • Eastern Fence Lizard (male and female)
    • Western Fence Lizard (male, female & juvenile in 3 color variations)
  • Poses (.pz2, .duf)
    • Angled Up
    • Circled
    • Head Up
    • Hot Sand Run
    • Lizard Caught
    • Lizard Push-up1
    • Lizard Push-up2
    • Lizard Push-up3
    • Run1
    • Run2
    • 2 material poses to create a lost tail on all lizard species
    • 6 maintenance poses to reset portions of the model

Please see enclosed Illustrated PDF Manual on how to use the model and a Field Guide on the included lizard species.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11343
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.9+
Release Date Jul 25, 2016

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