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phd 2-sided Vegetation Iray Shader

Now leaves really have two sides! Compatible with DAZ Studio only

Product Description


Now you can take full advantage of the fact that leaves, petals and grass blades have two sides and are translucent.

You can use this shader with any surface, as long it has no thickness - and most grasses, leaves and flower petals are modeled this way.

Use with your favorite flower, bush, tree, plant or grass model and more!

What's Included & Features

  • 2-sided Vegetation Iray Shader(.duf)
    • Independent editing of the base color, second side color and translucency color
    • Ability to make the sides different variations of one color (different one another with top side of a leaf green and bottom silvery, with good transmission of light.
    • Ability to make the sides different colors - You want red and green leaves? You can make it!
    • Ability to have independent gloss control for each side. You can have a hard, glossy top side and a soft, velvety bottom side. Or the other way around.
    • Correct (Fresnel) glossiness on leaves and petals.
    • up to 30% faster rendering comparing to Iray Uber Base shader (may vary from case to case).
  • May be used as a Merchant Resource. It can be used to produce materials and materials packs as long as:
    • it is a commercial product (no freebies)
    • it is used to make material(s) preset(s) and is not redistributed as shader presets or shader definitions
    • the product does not redistribute any files from this package
    • any materials and materials pack are related to some 3d model and not just generic materials that made to be applied to any model
    • it is not used to make merchant resources
    • you do not claim these as your own
    • you list this as a resource in your ReadMe or license/information file

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Apr 21, 2016

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