Reward Points


Reward Points are earned on all purchases made in the online store. Points are awarded off the overall shopping cart total. You will receive 10 Reward Points for every $1 (USD) you spend. Here are some other ways to earn points:

  • Creating your own HiveWire 3D account = 1,000 points
  • Subscribing to our newsletter = 500 points
  • On your birthday! = 1,000 points
  • When someone you refer makes their first purchase = 500 points
  • When you win, or participate in a contest (points vary)
  • When you make it into the Monthly gallery = 500 points
  • When you make it into the Hall of Fame gallery = 2500 points
  • and more...!

IS THERE A LIMIT TO HOW MANY POINTS I CAN EARN? - There is no limit to how many points you can earn or save—so feel free to rack 'em up!

HOW ARE MY POINTS CALCULATED IN THE SHOPPING CART? - Your Reward Points are calculated from your cart subtotal minus any product discounts (like Value Stack discounts). You'll notice in the image on the right that other forms of payment (like redeeming Reward Points) and tax are calculated afterwards.


You can use your points as a discount for up to 15% off your overall shopping cart total. 100 Reward Points earn you $1 (USD) off your cart total. In the example to the right, 500 points are redeemed for a $5 discount.

CAN I USE MY POINTS ON ANYTHING IN THE STORE? Yes, everything in the store can be discounted using your Reward Points.

DO MY POINTS EXPIRE? No, your points will never expire and can be used at our store as long as our store is open and the point system is in use. Legal note... your points have no cash redemption value.

WHY ARE POINTS GREAT FOR ME AS A CUSTOMER? No need to wait for sales or search for online coupons like with traditional webstores! Receive a discount on items whenever you’d like!
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