Savage Warrior for Dusk Zoom

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Savage Warrior for Dusk

30 Full body poses with mirrors and 8 Grips with mirrors for Dusk and the Savage Weapon Set, with Action themes in mind. Compatible with Poser 10+

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Product Description


Requires Dusk and Savage Weapons for Dawn

"The great wolves of the norther plains bounded toward Gurt. Likely they could smell the fresh kill of the Mammoth that his clansman were busy trying to skin. Gurt could see their fangs glistening like daggers as the wolves snapped and howled. He let his first arrow fly, striking the lead beast just behind its shoulder - it did not even seem to slow. Gurt knocked his next arrow, aiming carefully as the wolves drew ever closer, nearly upon him. He let fly, landing another solid hit, and the wolf howled in rage as its bounding steps grew. clumsy. Gurt quickly readied a third arrow as he watched the lead wolf crumple to the ground and bury its left side in the soft sand... but there were three more and they were close enough that Gurt could feel their fetid breath upon him..."

This is a set of full body poses and grips for Dusk and the Savage Weapons props set. Inspired by the Savage Outfit for Dawn, and with the thought of action in mind.

What's Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2)
    • 30 Full Body Poses with Mirrors (60 in all)
    • 8 Hand Poses with Mirrors (16 in all)

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11865
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software No
Release Date Mar 27, 2018

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