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  • Ken Gilliland

SBRM Flock Formations

Flock Formations allows you to easily put a large group of birds in a scene. Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.10+ and Poser 10+.

Product Description


Birds are the most common wildlife experience we have. One has to simply walk out the door and look skywards. So it makes sense that birds would be a part of outdoor digital imagery. Flock Formations takes much of the complexity out of the Songbird ReMix bird model series and provides easy to place bird formations for beginners or experienced Songbird ReMixers who don’t want to go through the work of creating them.

Flock Formations features Geese, Finch and Sparrow, Pigeon, Crow, Gull and Swallow formations. All seven formations are included in Prop format. Each prop has two morphs - one to flap each bird’s wings and one to change the positioning of each bird. This is especially useful in animations. Two formations also have a "grouping" morph. All birds hold-up well in close-ups. The set comes in native DAZ Studio and Poser versions and supports Iray, 3Delight, Superfly and Firefly render engines.

What's Included and Features

  • Prop Based Models: (.duf, .obj, .pp2)
    • As the Crow flies… This is a typical Corvidae formation used by Crows, Ravens, Rooks and Jackdaws
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
    • Finches in Flight… This is a small grouping of birds in the Carpodacus family, which includes Finches and Sparrows
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
    • Flying Inverse V… a typical flight pattern of the Anatidae family (Geese)
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
      • Grouped Morph
    • Flying V… a typical flight pattern of the Anatidae family (Geese)
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
      • Grouped Morph
    • Pigeon-Holed… a grouping of the Columbidae family, which includes Pigeons and Doves
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
    • So Gull-able… a small grouping of the Laridae family (Gulls)
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
    • The Big Gulp… the chaotic patterning of the Hirundinidae family (Swallows) hawking insects
      • WingFlap Morph
      • FlockPosition Morph
  • Materials (.duf, .mc6)
    • As the Crow flies formation
      • American Crow
      • Jackdaw
    • Finches in Flight formation
      • House Finch (Male/Female) 
      • House Finch (Male/Female) alternate variation
      • House Sparrow (Male/Female)
      • Common Linnet (Male/Female)
    • Flying Inverse V and Flying V formations
      • Bean Goose
      • Canada Goose
    • Pigeon-Holed formations
      • Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon)
      • Rock Dove (Feral Pigeon) alternate variation
    • So Gull-able formation
      • Glaucous Gull
      • Herring Gull
      • Caspian Gull
    • The Big Gulp formation
      • American Barn Swallow
      • European Barn Swallow
      • Bank Swallow
      • Tree Swallow
  • Manuals (.pdf)
    • Illustrated PDF manual

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10056
Genre No
Compatible Figures No
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.10+, Poser 10+/Pro2014
Release Date May 10, 2019

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