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The "Scatter Tool" is a quick and easy way of populating your scenes with objects, like trees, rocks, or anything you want - be it prop or figure. Compatible with Poser 11.2+

Product Description


Whenever you wish to add lots of objects to your scene, each with their own scale/rotation variations, with option to align them to follow a surface, this tool can fully automate that for you. Randomly scatter props and figures over any plane or solid with a push of a button!

What's Included & Features:

  • Python Script (.py)
    • Scatter Tool plug-in for Poser
      • Features
        • Fully automated scattering tool
        • Simple, easy-to-use interface
        • Can scatter both figures and props
        • Can manage multiple scattering layers in the same session
        • Automatically manages max number of scattered objects per surface
        • Option to auto-create scale and rotation variations for each scattered object
        • You can toggle all variations on/off in any order, and control their amounts
        • Option to align objects to the surface
        • Support for scattering billboard objects that always face the main camera
        • Billboard objects have an additional horizontal flipping option
        • Offers 8 preview styles to help managing performance impact
        • Preview styles can be applied separately per object to scatter
        • Allows mass-removing scattered objects with a single click
        • Mass-removing only affects objects created by the tool. It will not remove the original objects you have placed in the scene
        • Object mass-removing is specific to the currently selected object to scatter
        • Manages scene scattered objects with an self-maintained Grouping object
        • The internal Grouping object will keep all scattered objects separate from your scene in the Hierarchy Editor, so it remains organized and easier to manage
        • The internal Grouping object can be used to toggle all scattered objects visibility on/off with 1-click using the Hierarchy Editor
        • Auto-prefixes scattered object names to avoid conflicts with existing scene objects. There is an option to edit this prefix
        • Supports scattering figures with attached props and conformed items
        • Great way to automate the creation of large amount of objects to use in physics simulations
    • Manual (.pdf)
      • Illustrated PDF manual with instructions, hints, and usage examples

    Poser scripts must be installed in the core Poser installation folder, where the Poser executable resides, not in an external runtime, in order to show up in the Script Menu.

    Has not been tested on Macintosh computers.

    Poser Tutorial - How To Make Billboard Trees

    Poser Tutorial - Scattering over morphed Surfaces

    Poser Tutorial 3 - Scene Management 1

    Poser Tutorial 4 - Scene Management 2

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 12081
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software Poser 11.2+
Release Date May 12, 2020

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