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Sculpted Dusk

Chiseled muscles and a refined face add flavor to Dusk. Can be used as is, for a lean and chiseled look, or blended with any of Dusk's existing morphs. Includes a sculpted body morph, head morph, and a master control dial. Compatible with DAZ Studio and Poser

Product Description


A sculpted morph set for Dusk. Blend with existing morphs and textures, or apply them to the Dusk base to create unique looks for your Dusk characters.

Some support is included for Dusk's Expresssions, but the expression pack is not required to use Sculpted Dusk.

What's Included & Features

  • Morphs
    • INJ/REM .pz2 files for Poser version
    • 1 Body Morph
      • CG3SculptedDuskBody
    • 1 Head Morph
      • CG3SculptedDuskHead
    • 1 Master Control Dial
      • CG3SculptedDusk
    • 2 JCMs
      • CG3JCMSclptAb2BendFwd
      • CG3JCMSclptChest1BendFwd
    • 8 MCMs
      • CG3MCMSclptEyesClosed
      • CG3MCMSclptEyesClosedL
      • CG3MCMSclptEyesClosedR
      • CG3MCMSclptStressedOut
      • CG3MCMSclptTightFaceEyesClosed
      • CG3MCMSclptWinkL
      • CG3MCMSclptWinkR
      • CG3MCMSclptYawning

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11326
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dusk
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jul 15, 2016

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