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Contributing Artist (CA) Overview

Imagine making a great living doing what you love.

If you're an artist, you've probably been told (like we were) that artists starve. Well, we know that great artists don't starve. To be a great artist, you need to be able to stay focused on doing what you do best... creating!

HiveWire is here to help. We not only do your sales, marketing and accounting, but we want to help you develop into a better artist. We care about you as an artist, not how much we think we can make off your current product. Whether you are a full time professional or a hobbyist creating amazing products in your free time, we hope you will feel at home here at the Hive.

Earn 60% on products you sell exclusively at HiveWire 3D, and 45% on non-exclusive items.

Need help getting your products setup for both Poser and DAZ Studio?
We have helpful CA's in our forums teaching each other their process for conversion from one program to another and vice versa. Join the conversations and collaborate with your fellow artists in our Development Forums.