Hippogryph for the HiveWire Horse Zoom

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Hippogryph Add-on for the HiveWire Horse

The Hippogryph is a mystical beast, featuring elements of horse and bird of prey. (Wings not included) Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.12+


Product Description


Requires the HiveWire Horse.

Requires the HiveWire Foal for foal options.

Recommended (see below) is Feathered Wings for All from 3D Universe.

Transform your HiveWire Horse into a fantasy creature, and add this mythical beast to your menagerie. With this set, you can create that most elusive of equines, the Hippogryph. ... Or if you wish, a feathered Pegasus. Vary the looks of your equine from sleek to very fluffy and anything in between. Through the use of geoshells for the feather layer, you can use any horse coat to go with the Hippogryph textures.

The set contains a geografted head, feet, a tail, textures for a geoshell as undercoat for the bird, a coat of feathers and a set of individual feathers. In addition, there are three sets of strand-based hair to add fluff to the ears, the transition of head to feather coat, and the base of the tail.

Two preloads are included for the horse and foal figures each, and one for a pegasus.

Note that there are no wings included in this pack. I recommend Feathered Wings for All from 3D Universe (use the one in the Props folder) as they worked best for posing for me. Poses and hierarchical textures will work without those wings, but you will then need to adjust your own set of wings to the poses and textures provided, or texture them yourself. There are no specific textures for the Feathered Wings. All effects were achieved by using the diffuse channels to change the provided textures. Included are two different texture sets. Hierarchical materials make it easy to change all materials at one click, including the wings (provided you use the Feathered Wings from 3D Universe). All materials are Iray only.

The set includes pose sets for the feathered wings, including keyframes for wing animations, eight hierarchical poses to pose the subsets with one click, and reset poses for the feet of the foal and horse.

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.duf)
    • Hippogryph Head (geografted)
    • Hippogryph Feet (geografted)
    • Hyppogryph Fluffy Feathers
    • Hippogryph Geoshell Horse
    • Hippogryph Tail
    • Hippogryph Single Feathers
    • Head Feathers
    • Strand-based Hair for Head Fluff, Ears and Tail Fluff and Horse Head Fluff
  • Morphs
    • HG Feet
      • Flying Feet Both / Left / Right
      • Grasp branch Left / Right
      • Grasping Both / Left / Right
      • HG Feet Foal
    • HG Head
      • HG Foal Head
      • Beak Open
      • Eyes Close Both / Left / Right
      • HG Foal Head Morph
      • Spread Neck Joint
      • Head Size
    • HG Tail Feathers
      • Tail Size Adjust
  • Preloads
    • Hippogryph Fluffy
    • Hippogryph Foal Fluff
    • Hippogryph Foal Sleek
    • Hippogryph Sleek
    • Horse only (for Pegasus)
  • Materials (.duf)
    • Individual Materials Golden Eagle
      • Body feathers
      • Body Single Feathers
      • Head Feathers
      • Tail
      • Head
      • Feet
      • Geoshell
      • Strand-based Hair for Spotted Eagle and Golden Eagle
    • Hierarchical Materials
      • Golden Eagle
      • Spotted Eagle
  • Utilities
    • Leg Feathers ON / OFF
    • Neck Feathers ON / OFF
    • Alpha for Pegasus Geoshell (HG Geoshell Horse)
  • Textures
    • All Texture Maps 4096 x 4096
  • Poses (.duf)
    • Feathered Wings
      • !Base Pose Foal for Parenting
      • !Base Pose for Parenting
    • Pose Sequences
      • Flying All Poses
      • Flying 1b
      • Flying 2
      • Flying 2b
      • Flying 3
      • Foal Flying 1 All Poses
      • Foal Flying 2
      • Foal Flying 3
      • Landing 2
      • Landing 3
      • Wings Fold
    • Hierarchical Poses
      • 0Foal Peering Adust to Mother
      • 0Foal Peering
      • 0Mother Protecting
      • Flying Fast
      • Flying Slow
      • Grabbing Prey
      • Landing
      • Resting
    • Partial Poses
      • Foal Frontleg Adjust
      • HG Feet Reset
      • Horse Frontleg Adjust
      • HG Feet Pose Controlers
      • Flying Feet both / Left / Right
      • Grasp Branch Left / Right
  • Manuals (.pdf)
    • Illustrated Manual

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 12115
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures HiveWire Horse
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.12+
Release Date Nov 27, 2020

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