Jungle Rage & Fury I for HiveWire Gorilla Zoom

  • KageRyu

Jungle Rage & Fury I for HiveWire Gorilla

A set of hand crafted poses demonstrating the power and fury of the HiveWire Gorilla for Dusk, including mirrors, hand poses, and expressions. Compatible with Poser

Product Description


Harungu could smell a stranger's scent in the air of his jungle. It had a pungent familiarity to it...a Silverback. He paused, sniffing around to catch the direction it was strongest, before loping through the underbrush again on all fours. Harungu knew he was near the edge of his tribe's lands. Still, an invasion of his territory could not go unchallenged. He rounded one of the old growth trees, covered in strangling vines and shrubs, and there he caught sight of the Silver invader loping on the path. Harangu snorted and growled, and rose up, thumping his chest in challenge. The Silverback turned to face him, staying low and waving its left arm in front of it as it snarled. It began pushing forward, motioning with its left arm as if to say "get back". But Harungu would have none of it, and reared to his full height, bringing his right arm back to strike a blow..

Package Includes 12 Full Body Poses with Mirrors (24 in all, with versions for IK on and IK off), 5 Hand Poses with Mirrors (10 in all - same hand poses are in Packs I & II), 5 Basic Facial Expressions, and 5 Complex Facial Expressions.

Requires Dusk and HiveWire Gorilla for Dusk

Complex Expressions also require Dusk's Head Shapes and Dusk's Expressions & Visemes

What's Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2)
    • 12 Full Body Poses with Mirrors (24 in all) - Poses available with both IK on and off
      • Default
      • Beat Chest 1 L
      • Beat Chest 1 R
      • Beat Chest 2 L
      • Beat Chest 2 R
      • Blocking L
      • Blocking R
      • Charge L
      • Charge R
      • Clobberin L
      • Clobberin R
      • Grapple 1A R
      • Grapple 1A L
      • Grapple 1B R
      • Grapple 1B L
      • Grapple 2A R
      • Grapple 2A L
      • Grapple 2B R
      • Grapple 2B L
      • Leap Attack L
      • Leap Attack R
      • Swat L
      • Swat R
      • Threaten L
      • Threaten R
    • 5 Hand Poses with Mirrors (10 in all)
      • Clawhand L
      • Clawhand R
      • Clawhand 2 L
      • Clawhand 2 R
      • Fist L
      • Fist R
      • Open L
      • Open R
      • Palm Paw L
      • Palm Paw R
  • Expressions (.fc2)
    • 5 Basic Facial Expressions
      • Default
      • Afraid
      • Angry
      • Hoot
      • Roar
      • Unhappy
    • 5 Complex Facial Expressions
      • Default
      • Contemplation
      • Growl
      • KissMe
      • Laughing
      • WrySmile

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11472
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dusk
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jan 2, 2017

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