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Heraldic Beasts - Panther Poses

The pageantry and tradition of heraldry evokes images of knights and nobles. Bring those images to life with this set of heraldic poses for the HiveWire Big Cat! Compatible with Poser 10+ and DAZ Studio 4.9+

Product Description


The term 'leopard', in heraldry, actually refers to a lion shown in a specific position (passant guardant - walking towards the viewer's left with the head turned towards the viewer). A more representative term for the leopard (the Big Cat's base form) is 'panther'. Panthers were often represented with coloured spots and with plumes of flame from their mouths and ears, and some were shown as more griffin-like or draconic than feline in form.

In modern usage, the term 'panther' can be used for a leopard, for the black (melanistic form) of both leopards and jaguars, and for the cougar (mountain lion). These poses hark back to the historical use of the word Panther.

This pack includes a total of 24 poses. There are six traditional heraldic poses for the Big Cat, as can be emblazoned as a charge, supporter or crest on official coats of arms. Four of these poses have additional Guardant versions (head facing viewer). All of them have both Dexter (turned to the right, facing the viewer's left) and Sinister (turned to the left, facing the viewer's right) versions. There is also one additional pose based on a more modern example of heraldry, with both Dexter and Sinister versions.

These poses are not naturalistic, but are instead based on the standard attitudes used within the field of heraldry. As such, they present the animal in profile (side on) when viewed from the front camera. They can of course be used at any angle you wish.

Requires HiveWire Big Cat

What's Included & Features

  • Poses
    • 24 Poses for the HiveWire Big Cat
      • Dexter and Sinister versions each for
        • Courant 1 (running)
        • Courant 2 (running)
        • Passant 1 (walking, head in profile)
        • Passant 2 (walking, head in profile)
        • Passant 1 Guardant (walking, head facing viewer)
        • Passant 2 Guardant (walking, head facing viewer)
        • Rampant (attacking, head in profile)
        • Rampant Guardant (attacking, head facing viewer)
        • Sejant 1 (sitting, head in profile)
        • Sejant 2 (sitting, head in profile)
        • Sejant 1 Guardant (sitting, head facing viewer)
        • Sejant 2 Guardant (sitting, head facing viewer)
    • Adjustment may be required if the poses are applied to the Big Cat when using species morphs other than the base model.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11819
Genre Historical
Compatible Figures HiveWire Big Cat
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.9+, Poser 10+/Pro2014
Release Date Feb 23, 2018

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