Maisie - Weight Mapped Toon Female for Poser Zoom

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Maisie - Weight Mapped Toon Female for Poser

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Expressive and fun P11 toon girlCompatible with Poser 11+

Product Description


Maisie is the first third party toon figure to take advantage of Poser 11's advanced features, including face control chips, animated joint centers, scaling zones, and complete weight mapping and bulge maps.

Maisie is very expressive and fun to use. There are no JCMs or magnets to add, which will make for easy content creation. There are ghost bones only for breast and buttocks movement. Additional eye controls move eyelids and eyes at the same time, and also allow you to adjust the size of the eyelashes.

Maisie also includes a second full body morph, Lacey, which makes her proportions slightly more realistic (smaller head, longer torso, leg proportions slightly different).

What's Included and Features

  • Figures (.cr2, .hr2)
    • Maisie Toon Character, with Lacey full body morph alternative
    • Bikini Top
    • Bikini Bottom
    • Maisie DEV Rig
    • Skull Cap Prop
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • 1 Base and 1 Makeup Material Option for Maisie
    • Base and Makeup Toon Materials
    • 6 Basic Toon Color Materials
    • 3 Brow and Lash Color Options
    • 9 Eye Colors
    • 4 Bikini Top and Bottom Materials
    • 4 Bikini Top and Bottom Toon Materials
  • Poses (.pz2, .hd2, .fc2)
    • 10 Face Poses
      • Balloon Cheeks, Confused, Furious, Lopsided Smile, Over Joyed, Shocked, Sneer, Stick Out Tongue, Zero Face Controls, Zero Face Morphs
    • 6 Hand Poses
      • A-OK, Fist, Grip, OnHip, Open, ZeroHand
    • 13 Poses
      • A Little Shy, Beach Towel, Bookend, Catch a Wave, Cool Beans, Cross Legs, Dance01, Dance01M, Kick Back, Like Totally, Regrets, The Knot, Touched
  • Expressions
    • Full
      • Joy, Angry, Disgust, Fear, Sadness, Surprised
    • Partial
      • Brow Happy, Brow Angry, Brow Surprise, Smile, Frown, Smile Open, Open Mouth, Pucker
    • Phonemes
      • MouthOpen, MouthA, MouthCH, MouthE, MouthF, MouthL, MouthM, MouthO, MouthP, MouthR, MouthTH, MouthU, MouthW
  • Controls
    • Face and Body Controls (P11 recommended)
      • Right Breast, Left Breast, Right Buttock, Left Buttock, Center Forehead, BrowCenter, RightBrowInner, RightBrowOuter, LeftBrowInner, LeftBrowOuter, RightUpperLid, RightLowerLid, LeftUpperLid, LeftLowerLid, RightUpperCheek, RightNostril, NoseTip, LeftNostril, LeftUpperCheek, RightLowerCheek, RightMouthCorner, RightUpperLip, CenterUpperLip, LeftUpperLip, LeftMouthCorner, RightLowerLip, CenterLowerLip, LeftLowerLip, LeftLowerCheek, Jaw, RightEar, Left Ear
    • Eye Controls (P11 recommended)
      • Eyes-Lids Side-Side, Eyes-Lids Up-Down, Eyes Side-Side, Eyes Up-Down, Eyes Cross, Eyelid Open-Close, Eyelid Wince, Eyelid Squint, Eyelash Length, Lower Lash Length, Upper Lash Length
  • Morphs
    • Body Shaping Morphs
      • FBM
        • Lacey
      • Arms/Hands
        • ArmSize, BicepsFlex, FingersShorten, ForearmThickness, NailLength, ShoulderThickness
      • Chest
        • AreolaOut, AreolaSize, BreastsApart, BreastsGone, BreastsHeight, BreastsLarger, BreastsNatural, BreastsSmaller, Nipples
      • Legs-Feet
        • ShinsThickness, ThighsThickness, Stretch Legs
      • Lower Torso
        • GenitalCrease, GlutesSize, HipsSize, LoveHandles, NavelGone, NavelHeight, StomachRounder, WaistStraighter
      • Upper Torso
        • Inhale, NeckThickness, TrapsSize
    • Head Shaping Morphs
      • Brow and Forehead
        • BrowsThicker
      • Cheeks
        • Cheekbone, CheekJowl, CheeksPuffy, CheeksSunken
      • Chin
        • ChinBigger, ChinWeaker
      • Ears
        • EarDetail, EarsBack-Fwd, EarsBigger, EarsDown, EarsElf1, EarsElf2, EarsGone, EarsIn, EarsOut, EarsScaleY, EarsScaleZ, EarsSimple, EarsTiltFwd-Back
      • Lips and Mouth
        • InnerMouthScale, LipsThinner, MouthCornerSmooth, MouthFuller, MouthHeight, MouthWidth
      • Nose
        • NoseBigger, NoseFlatten, NoseHeight, NoseStraighten, NoseTipOut, NoseWidth, NoseBulbous, NostrilDepth, NostrilHeight, NostrilWidth
      • Eyes and Eyelids
        • EyeFoldDeepen, EyeFoldUp, EyesCloser, EyesDepth, EyesHeight, EyesSmaller, EyesTilted, IrisesSmaller, LacrimalDegined, LacrimalHeight
      • Head and Face
        • NeckThickness, CrownHeight, CrownWidth, FaceRound, FaceSquare, ForeheadCurve, HeadBackShape, HeadNarrow
  • Using Maisie in earlier Poser versions
    • Maisie is a fullly weight-mapped figure that is designed for use with Poser 11 and Poser 11 Pro. Therefore, Poser 11 or Poser 11 Pro are recommended for full feature support.
    • Please note the following in regards to using Maisie in earlier Poser versions:
      • Poser 10 and Poser Pro 2014
        • Maisie will load and pose in Poser 10 and the majority of features will work as expected. However, there are two main features that you will not be able to use in Poser 10. First, the face control chips that allow you to easily select expression controls in Maisie\'s face do not appear. Poser 10 users can alternatively select the face control chips through the standard body part selection menus in the document window or the Parameters palette. There are also controls for the breasts and buttocks that can be selected the same way.
        • In Poser 11, smooth translation zones allow you to translate Maisie\'s body parts to stretch them. Several controls in the face also use smooth translation to assist in creating expressions. Smooth translation is not supported in Poser 10 so these features will not work for Maisie. Also please note that if you rig conforming clothing for Maisie in Poser 10, support for smooth translation will not be written to the CR2 for use in Poser 11.
      • Poser 9 and Poser Pro 2012
        • Poser 9 supports weight mapping, but not as robustly as in Poser 11. Poser 9 also does not support subdivision surfaces which allow you to subdivide the model for smoother appearance. Maisie\'s mesh was designed with subdivision surfaces in mind. Note that loading Maisie in Poser 9 often results in a crash. Using Maisie in Poser 9 is not recommended.
      • Poser 8, Poser Pro 2010 and earlier
        • Weight mapping is not supported in Poser 8 and earlier. Maisie will not work in these versions of Poser.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11625
Genre Toon
Compatible Figures Maisie
Compatible Software Poser 11+
Release Date Jul 13, 2017

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