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Songbird Remix Kiwis AND Nature's Wonders Kiwi Burrow

SBRM Kiwis 


Kiwi are flightless birds endemic to New Zealand. They are mostly nocturnal and live underground in burrows. At around the size of a domestic chicken, kiwi are by far the smallest living ratites (which also consist of ostriches, emus, rheas, and cassowaries). For their relative body size, they lay the largest egg of any species of bird in the world. There are five recognized species, with several subspecies and variants. All species of Kiwi are included in this Songbird ReMix volume.

The model is full featured with layered fur-like feathers, easy-to-use controls for posing and even full use of its tiny wings (which can be revealed from under the layered fur).


SBRM KiwisSBRM Kiwis
SBRM KiwisSBRM Kiwis
SBRM Kiwi Burrow
 SBRM Kiwi BurrowSBRM Kiwi Burrow
SBRM Kiwi BurrowSBRM Kiwi Burrow



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