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BnB Venus Flytrap

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BnB presents Venus Flytrap! A fully textured independent figure. This carnivorous plant was modeled and textured based on real-life plants. Compatible with Poser.

Product Description


Dionaea muscipula - the most spectacular of the carnivorous plants. Prey is captured in a 2-sided, clamshell-shaped trap. Insects are attracted to the trap by nectar, secreted from numerous glands around its edges, and possibly by its bright coloring. The trap closes rapidly when the prey stimulates small trigger hairs on each half. The trigger hairs are very hard to see with the naked eye, so they are not included with this model. There are glands lining the resulting pouch, which then secrete digestive juices that consume the insect.

We designed it with animation in mind. Use it to devour your intrepid explorers or to get rid of those pesky pests in your digital garden.

The BnB Venus Flytrap is easy to pose and animate. It uses Easy Pose for convenient and quick manipulation of the character.

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.cr2, .pp2)
    • Venus Flytrap Base
    • Venus Flytrap Prop (6 Traps)
  • Morphs
    • Animation
      • Trap Sequence (In Tutorial)
      • Puff
      • PreyPuff 1
      • PreyPuff 2
      • PreyPuff 3
      • PreyPuff 4
      • PreyPuff 5
    • Stem
      • Bend
      • BendLower
      • BendMiddle
      • BendUpper
      • BendNeck
      • Side
      • SideLower
      • SideMiddle
      • SideUpper
      • SideNeck
      • Twist
      • TwistLower
      • TwistMiddle
      • TwistUpper
      • TwistNeck
    • Trap
      • BendTeeth
      • Open-Close
      • TeethLength
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • CommonVenus
    • RedVenus
  • Tutorial (.pdf)
    • Video Tutorial

We at BnB like to help animators as much as we can. In addition to the included tutorial, there are several more available at, which explain how to make a Prop from Multi figures, Saving Multi figures in a group and fixing Joint Lines in Renders (these tutorials apply to most figures).

Background and Bugs not included!

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Compatible Software No
Release Date Sep 15, 2016

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