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Dragon Spirit for Dawn

This fantasy outfit comes in a set of five Conforming parts and one Naginata. Dawn Starter Morphs and Dawn's Body Shapes compatible. Compatible with Poser.

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Product Description


What's Included & Features

  • Models (OBJ, CR2):
    • Hat Conforming Figure
    • Vest Conforming Figure
    • Pant Conforming Figure
    • Armbands Conforming Figures
    • Shoes Conforming Figure
    • Naginata Conforming Figure (Right Hand)
    • Naginata Conforming Figure (Left Hand)
  • Hand poses included
  • The following FBMs and PBMs are included in the outfit:
    • Body FBM Aged
    • Body FBM Amazon
    • Body FBM Builder
    • Body FBM Builder2
    • Body FBM Bulk
    • Body FBM Chubby
    • Body FBM Definition
    • Body FBM Emaciated
    • Body FBM Obese
    • Body FBM Obese2
    • Body FBM Pear
    • Body FBM Petite
    • Body FBM Suit
    • Body FBM SuperModel
    • Body FBM Tall
    • Body FBM Toned
    • Body FBM Voluptuous
    • Body FBM Young
    • FBM Back Smooth
    • PBM Clavicle Define
    • PBM Chest Inhale
    • PBM Hip Bone Define
    • PBM Lat Size
    • PBM Ribcage Margin
    • PBM RibCage Size
    • PBM RibCage Width
    • PBM Scapula Define
    • PBM Scapula Move
    • PBM Waist Narrow
    • PBM Waist Width
    • PBM Abdomen1
    • PBM Abdomen2
    • FBM Abs In
    • FBM Abs Lower Curve
    • PBM Love Handles
    • PBM Muffin Top
    • PBM Bubble Butt
    • FBM Glutes Flat
    • FBM Glute Flex
    • FBM Glute Flex L
    • FBM Glute Flex R
    • FBM Glutes Size
    • FBM Natal Cleft Smooth
    • FBM Breast Cleavage Center
    • FBM Breast Cleavage Top
    • FBM Breast Crease Under
    • FBM Breast Gone
    • FBM Breast Natural
    • FBM Breast Nipple Out
    • PBM Arms Length
    • PBM Forearm Thin
    • PBM Legs Length
    • PBM Lower Leg Thin
    • PBM Shoulder Size
    • FBM Thigh Full
    • PBM Thigh Thin
    • FBM Thigh Width
    • PBM Trapezius Size
  • Belt pendant Morph on the Pant's body:
    • Pendant Twist
    • Pendant Bend
    • Pendant Side-Side

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10386
Genre Eastern
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software No
Release Date Dec 30, 2013

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