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Cow Pasture Backgrounds

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25 photos of a cow pasture about a mile from my home. It's a rather generic field with mostly generic fences, and will be a good background for a Medieval encampment or a building, or a battle. Or for a herd of alien cows in with the local ones. Whatever you can imagine!

The pasture was bordered by a house on one side, by the highway on a second side and by woods or brush on the other two sides. I only am including pictures showing the woods and brush sides. I tried to get as much variety into the pictures as I could, given that it was such a small field. The pictures are all as taken. I edited nothing.

We were there cutting the downed wood. The owners tend to have a varied collection of animals, which changes every year. This time, they had Texas long horns and water buffalo. The animals were very large, very curious, and too friendly.

Among the pictures I didn't include in this package was one of a water buffalo from way too close while it was trying to find out what I was. (I couldn't move back any further.)

My main job, besides helping to load wood, was to keep the bovines from sneaking up on the guy with the chainsaw, usually from behind.

What's Included & Features

  • Images (.jpg)
    • 25 photos, 3000x4000 pixels or 4000x3000 pixels (12 megapixels) each

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Additional Information

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