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SquidMan (VPM1)

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From the bottom of the depths comes a half-human, half-squid creature. Once a mighty king, he now seeks vengeance for his kind. Will he destroy the surface world or seek peace? You decide! This is a fully-rigged, stand-alone figure. Compatible with Poser only.

Product Description


Based on the Vanishing Point human figure, Vincent Parker, this model is a stand-alone figure that does not require the installation of any other files (besides Poser, of course).

Like Vincent, this figure follows all normal Poser controls for a figure. There are advanced controls on the collars for raising the arms, dials to control both eyes, and dials on the hands for easier finger bending.

This figure has the same shape and UV mapping as Vincent Parker, which means this figure will accept any position pose, MAT pose, and texture designed for use with Vincent Parker.

And like Vincent, this figure accepts poses made for most Poser 4 and 7 figures, and can take poses from most other figures with slight adjustments.

IK chains are included for the legs and arms, and are on by default on the legs when loading the figure.

Each of the 12 head tentacles can be posed; however, they only have one "bone" each which means they can't curve or deform.

What's Included & Features:

  • Models(.OBJ, .CR2, PP2)
    • SquidMan human figure at 79,169 polygons
      • Facial Morphs:
        • Eyes Side to Side
        • Eyes Up/ Down
        • Blink
        • Blink Left
        • Blink Right
        • Brow Furrow
        • Brow Up All
        • Brow Up Center
        • Brow Up Left
        • Brow Up Right
        • Smile
        • Smile Full
        • Smile Left
        • Smile Right
        • Snarl
        • Snarl Left
        • Snarl Right
        • Mouth A
        • Mouth R
        • Mouth SH
          • Note: Since this character has a non-human mouth, he is not compatible with Mimic or Talk-Designer.
    • Ceremonial skirt with seashell belt. prop at 30,102 at polygons.
      • The skirt, belt, and seashell have separate materials which can be hidden or shown to suit the needs of your scene.
      • This is a parented prop, not conforming clothing.
    • Trident prop at 2,590 polygons.
      • Includes two versions: parented to the right hand and non-parented.
  • Poses
    • Regal
    • Running
    • Standing
    • Or use any of the poses designed for use with Vincent Parker!
  • Material Settings
    • Head and Body textures are 2048x2048.
    • tentacle textures are 1024x1024.
    • Includes texture and displacement/ bump maps for the head, body, and all tentacles.
    • Includes two MAT poses:
      • A displacement map version for use in Poser 8 and below.
      • A bump map version for use in Poser 8 and above.
    • MAT poses to hide and show the materials on the ceremonial skirt.
    • Bonus: Two MAT poses for Vincent Parker to turn him into a follower of SquidMan:
      • These MAT poses only affects the body, but doesn't change the head or hands

Note: although this might not need saying, this figure is not "anatomically correct".

This figure has been tested in Poser 6 and Poser Pro 2010. It only uses texture and bump maps, so it should be importable into other software programs. (The bump map is plugged into Poser`s Displacement node.)

All sales images were rendered in Poser 6 with no post-work at all... even the gradient background is a plane with a gradient shader node applied to it.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Release Date Jun 16, 2014

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