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Dusk Special Edition

The new and improved Dusk Special Edition is the latest version of HiveWire 3D's original Male figure. Available in two formats: Poser and DAZ Studio. No importers or conversions needed. Just download the version you want and start rendering. Compatible with Poser 10+ (11 for Superfly) and DAZ Studio 4.8+

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Product Description


The Poser version of this product is included for FREE with the purchase of Poser Pro 11.

The quality of our new male is now equal to that offered by our Dawn SE. A hand crafted younger look for his face, a more natural chest and abdominal area, with an all new detailed skin map, with facial hair option, scalp hair option, and 10 new eye color options. New texture map set includes material presets for Poser Superfly & Firefly, and DAZ Studio Iray & 3Delight render engines. Dusk original skin also included as is. PLUS all of the items in the original Dusk, with superior rigging for ultimate natural bending and posing. Discover the new Dusk SE, and see for yourself what so many have enjoyed for over 2 years now with Dusk, but now with many more improvements. Our new Dusk SE is fully backwards compatible with existing characters, maps and clothing currently available at HiveWire 3D.

What's Included & Features

  • Dusk SE Base
    • Native Poser Vertex Weight-Mapped Figure (Requires Poser 10 or newer)
    • Native DAZ Studio TriAxTM Weight Mapped Figure (Requires DAZ Studio 4.8 or newer)
  • NEW - Dusk SE Clothing Resource Developer Suit
    • Can be used to create new products (not for creating freebies)
  • NEW - Dusk SE Clothing Projection Templates for DAZ Studio
    • Bodysuit
    • Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Shirts
    • Short and Long Pants
    • Right and Left Shoes/Boots
  • Autofit Clones (DAZ Studio Version only) to allow Dusk to wear clothing made for Dawn or Baby Luna.
    • Please note: Autofit does NOT always provide acceptable fits for clothing - results may vary.
  • 49 Morphs
    • See Morph List in Popup images
    • NEW in Dusk SE - 4 Additional Morph Shapes
      • FBMDusk
      • FBMDuskBody
      • FHMDuskHead
      • FHMDuskHairFitAdjust
  • 6 JCMs
    • See JCM List in Popup images
  • 7 MCMs (NEW in Dusk SE)
    • MCMSEAbFix
    • MCMSEAbWideFix
    • MCMSEChestFix
    • MCMSEChestSmoothFix
    • MCMSEMasterOnOff
    • MCMSENavelFix
    • MCMSESmoothFix
  • 56 Control dials
    • See Control dial List in Popup images
  • NEW Dusk SE Materials (.duf, .mc6)
    • Render Engines Supported
      • DAZ Studio - Iray and 3Delight
      • Poser - Superfly (requires Poser 11+) and Firefly (same material preset for both)
    • Materials Included
      • Full Skin
      • Head Options
        • Bald Goatee
        • Bald Shaved
        • Hair Goatee
        • Hair Shaved
      • Eye Options
        • Amber
        • BabyBlue
        • Black
        • Blue
        • BrightGreen
        • Brown
        • DarkBlue
        • Gray
        • Green
        • Olive
      • Eyelash Options
        • Black
        • Brown
  • Original Dusk Materials (.duf, .mc6)
    • Render Engines Supported
      • DAZ Studio - 3Delight
        • AoA SSS1 - Pale Bump Disp
        • AoA SSS1 - Pale Normal Disp
        • AoA SSS2 - Med Bump
        • AoA SSS2 - Med Normal
        • Uber SSS
      • Poser - Firefly
        • Non SSS - Bump
        • SSS - Med Bump
        • SSS - Med Normal
        • SSS - Pale Bump Disp
        • SSS - Pale Normal Disp
    • Materials Included
      • Full Skin
      • Head Options
        • Base
        • Facial and Hair
        • Hair and Brows
        • Head Shaved
        • Head Shaved and Brows
      • Eye Options
        • Black
        • Blue
        • Brown
        • Green
        • Olive
      • Eye Reflections
        • Fake
        • Real
      • Eyelash Options
        • Black
        • Brown
  • High Resolution 4096x4096 Skin Maps
    • Both the original and new skin texture sets are also Merchant Resource kits that can be used to create new products (not for creating freebies).


  • 10 Everyday Poses + 1 Reset pose
    • !Default
      • Default Pose restores only rotations, translations, and pose control dials. Morphs will NOT be reset. Please use the restore figure option to reset the entire figure.
    • Aggressive 01
    • Fighting 01
    • Fighting 02
    • LyingDown 01
    • Running 01 (intended to be off the ground)
    • Running 02 (intended to be off the ground)
    • Sitting 01
    • Standing 01
    • Standing 02
    • Walking 01


  • Dusk Briefs
    • Native Poser Vertex Weight-Mapped Figure (Requires Poser 9 or newer)
    • Native DAZ Studio TriAxTM Weight Mapped Figure (Requires DAZ Studio 4.6 or newer)
    • 7 Material Options (DAZ Studio 3Delight and Poser Firefly)
      • BriefsWhite
      • BriefsBlack
      • BriefsDKRed
      • BriefsDKBlue
      • SwimSuitDKRed
      • SwimSuitDKBlue
      • SwimSuitDKGreen
    • High Resolution 4096x4096 Texture Maps
    • Morphs
      • 9 Adjustment Morphs
        • See Adjustment Morph List in Popup images
      • 5 Supported Base Morphs
        • See Base Morph List in Popup images
      • 23 Supported Starter Morphs
        • See Starter Morph List in Popup images
      • 27 Supported Body Shape Morphs
        • See Body Shape Morph List in Popup images

Please see ReadMe file for additional information and instructions

Please Note - We recommend that Dusk be used with the limits on (in Poser, check Figure/Use Limits - limits are automatically on in DAZ Studio) to prevent over driving animatable joint centers for morphs that use them (like length morphs and scaling type morphs like tall & short)

Ease of Use: All of Dusk SE's morphs are located in his body group so that you don't have to hunt and peck around trying to find the master control dials for any body part morph.

Special Thanks to our Beta and QAV teams, Virtual World, Out of Touch, and the Poser and DAZ Studio communities at large, for the feedback and help to continually improve our HiveWire 3D core Figures!

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11527
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software Poser 10+/Pro2014
Release Date Mar 10, 2017

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