Twin Eye Reflex Camera Zoom

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Twin Eye Reflex Camera

Classic cool camera for the real photo enthusiast Compatible with DAZ Studio

Product Description


This fully posable camera has 18 joints, 3 main controls, 2 poses, 4 materials and 1 (hidden) morph.

And as a service (since holding a TwinEyeReflex is a bit awkward), 4 poses (for direct result and inspiration) are included for Dawn, Genesis, Genesis 2 Female & Genesis 3 Female)

What's Included & Features

  • Prop (.duf)
    • Camera
      • Joints
        • Camera Lock Open/Close
        • Camera Lock Lock Open/Close
        • ViewFinderRear Up/Down
        • ViewFinderCap Up/Down
        • ViewFinderCap/Loup Up/Down (for easy focussing)
        • ViewFinderCap/Window Up/Down (sports viewfinder build in)
        • Focusring (which controls the whole front lens assembly)
        • Filmtransport
        • Filmwindtop
        • Filmwindbottom
        • Frontlensassembly (controled by Focusring)
        • Flashrelease
        • Selftime
        • Flashsync
        • Shutterspeed
        • Aperture
        • Shutterwind
        • Shutterbutton
      • Main Controls
        • ViewFinderOpen (which opens the viewfinder in one swoop)
        • Loupe (which flips up a magnifying glass for easy focus)
        • Focus (which starts a 0.6 meter and ends at infite)
        • CorMorphRearViewFinder (to combat poke through) is choreographed in ViewFinderOpen, but can be used on it;s own as well.
  • Materials (.duf)
    • TwinEyeRelfex (the standard material - for Iray)
    • TwinEyeReflex3Delight (same but for 3Delight)
    • TwinEyeRelfexOstrich (for the girl or guy who wants to be exclusive- for Iray)
    • TwinEyeReflexOstrich (same but for 3Delight)
  • Poses (.duf)
    • For Camera
      • Camera Dawn (used in conjuction with Dawn Camera pose)
      • Camera Genesis 3 (used in conjection with Genesis Basic Female, Genesis 2 Female and Genesis 3 Female poses)
    • For Figures
      • Dawn
      • Genesis (Basic Female)
      • Genesis 2 Female
      • Genesis 3 Female

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11351
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dawn, Genesis, Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 3 Female
Compatible Software No
Release Date Aug 1, 2016

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