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Enjoy the natural splendor in a huge scale at Hiddenscape. Compatible with Poser.

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Previously sold at Runtime DNA

One can enjoy the natural splendor in a huge scale at Hiddenscape. The pillow-like clouds, the bubbling sound of a mountain stream, the trees standing like sentinels with birds singing sweet melodic songs in their branches, the relaxing breeze, the humming insects, the mouth-watering fruits, all cater to human senses. Nature has a way of affecting our moods and it can force us to change our plans. When it is sunny and bright outside, we feel cheerful inside. When it is cloudy and rainy, we often feel gloomy. When there is a beautiful and starry night, the moonlight makes us feel romantic. Come and express your love of nature with our Hiddenscape prop set. Let your 3D people or animals explore, sit, run and enjoy the peace of the forest, The Hiddenscape.

What's Included & Features

  • Props (.pp2)
    • 4 Hiddenscape Scene (default complete scene with all elements)
      • Lighting Options
        • hsDaylight
        • hsDaylight_xtra
        • hsNightsky
        • hsSunset
    • 22 Scene Elements (saved as individual props for ease in adding more items to scene to customize look)
      • BaseGround
      • BigRock-2
      • BigRock-4
      • BigRock-5
      • BigRock
      • Big_Rock1
      • Big_Rock1_moss_sp
      • Broadleaf_RT
      • Grass
      • Log-Moss_sp
      • Log
      • Skydome_Daylight
      • Skydome_Nightsky
      • Skydome_Sunset
      • Slate1
      • Slate2
      • Slate3
      • Slate4
      • Slate5
      • Slate6
      • TreeStumpSmall
      • Water_sp
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • 22 material/Texture files for the above scene elements
    • Alternate mt5 file for Water
  • Lights(.lt2)
    • Daylight
    • Nightsky
    • Sunset

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11152
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures Victoria 4
Compatible Software No
Release Date Apr 1, 2016

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