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Inferno PhotoPak

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Few dare to enter the realms of fire and ash and fewer yet return. Adventures into the Inferno are sure to win you songs of honor...if you survive! Add these backdrop images to your renders!

Product Description


Charred black ash and glowing hot embers, these are the landscapes of the Inferno. How will you survive the heat? Will it be with a heart so cold that even these fires can't melt it or with a passion even more fierce and radiant?

All 13 images are 4000 x 2600+ pixels for immediate import into Poser (which has a 4000px max), They are very large images that allow you to make choices in using all or part of an image in your scene.

The EmberLandscape image set includes 1 background JPG and 2 PNG layer files to help build multi-layered scenes in Photoshop (or similar programs that handle layers).

What's Included & Features

  • Images (.jpg & .png)
    • 13 images, 4000 x 2600+ pixels
      • 2201_CharredLandscape1_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_CharredLandscape2_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_CharredLandscape3_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_EmberLandscape1Background_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_EmberLandscape2Middle_PhotoGG.png
      • 2201_EmberLandscape3Foreground_PhotoGG.png
      • 2201_FireTrails1_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_FireTrials2_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_FurnaceTower1_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_FurnaceTower2_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_FurnaceTower3_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_FurnaceTower4_PhotoGG.jpg
      • 2201_OpressiveHeat_PhotoGG.jpg

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11412
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software n/a
Release Date Oct 17, 2016

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