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Land-Escapes - City Scapes Vol. 1

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Inspire your escape to lands of imagination! Background Images

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Inspire your escape to lands of imagination! Background Images

"I remember the first time I saw Hippodrome City. We were coming in low on a flying carpet with a shipment of supplies for the Temple of Poseidon. The dophins were jumpin' in the waters outside the gates and there were three Greek triremes at the docks. They brought in the big shipments, but the fast courier stuff, that was us, danger, dinars and speed!" - Old Asclepus Flying Carpet Couriers (FCC) pilot.

Escape to Lands of Imagination!

17 Realistic painted mattes of imaginary lands. City Scapes Vol. 1 contains images of vast urban complexes and city spots including modern, sci-fi and fantasy.

These are simple jpgs and can be dropped into the Environments tab in Daz Studio or used as a background in Poser. They can be used as a texture on a primitive to make a background, on walls as pictures in a rendered room or through windows. They can be used in layers in your favorite art program to add a background to a rendered png image. And they can be painted directly on! Or you can just use them as wallpaper on your electronic device. Escape to elsewhere!

What's Included & Features

  • Images
    • Above the City (4096x4096)
    • Alien City (2048x1536)
    • Castles (820x1060)
    • City Blocks (1313x778)
    • City Planning (2048x1536)
    • Green City (3000x3000)
    • Green City1 (3000x3000)
    • Hippodrome City (2048x2048)
    • Industrial Warehouse Area (2048x2048)
    • Lakeside City (2048x1536)
    • Loading Docks (2048x1536)
    • Old City Blocks (1313x778)
    • Spaceport City (1920x1080)
    • Spaceport Divided (4096x4096)
    • The Landing (4096x4096)
    • The Shipyard (4096x4096)
    • Waterworks (4096x4096)

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Release Date Mar 19, 2019

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