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Creepy Kid Too

He is quirky, he has personality, he is only wearing his underpants, he is a Creepy Kid Too! Compatible with Poser and DAZ Studio

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Previously sold at Runtime DNA

Creepy Kid, Come out and playyyyyyyy........

Creepy Kid, Come out and playyyyyyyy!!

A decade ago I made a figure for Poser 6. I dubbed him "The Creepy Kid" because he was a creepy little bugger. I was proud of that little feller, but as time passed and the technology grew, he became obsolete. With my improved skills and improved technology, I set out to make a whole new Creepy Kid.

I made him take advantage of things we did not have in 2005, like weight mapping and body scaling. The Poser 9 version of this figure has no Joint controlled morphs. He does not need them with the weight mapping system that is used in current versions of Poser. I added scaling to the body, head, legs, arms and, eyes. I made this new Creepy Kid compatible in old versions of Poser as well as DAZ Studio and, current versions of Poser. I sculpted his hair in ZBrush using techniques I have never used before and the results are fantastic.

I'm never one to brag about my figure creations but, in this case I am very pleased with the final figure. I know whoever gets this little fella is going to have a lot of fun with him. I know this because I have been having a blast using him myself. I've been pushing on his morphs getting a ton of morphing fun personality out of him. He renders up beautifully in Poser 9 and up. In fact using his base shaders in Poser 9 it is hard to make him look bad. I'm just very proud of this one and I know you will have a lot of fun with him.

He is quirky, he has personality, he is only wearing his underpants, he is a Creepy Kid Too! Happy Rendering!

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.cr2, .hr2)
    • Creepy Kid Too High-Quality Cartoon Figure (.cr2)
      • Mesh Features
        • 93,587 Polygons, 15 Material Groups -
        • Quality UV-Mapping with Low Distortion.
      • Versions and Rigging
        • Creepy Kid 2 Basic
          • Non-Weight-Mapped version for use in Poser 7-8 or DAZ Studio 3+
        • Creepy Kid 2 P9+
          • Weight-Mapped version, for use in Poser 9+ (
    • Inverse Kinematics (IK) in the Arms and Legs (off by default)
  • Underpants (.cr2)
    • Versions
      • CK2 Underpants Basic
        • Non-Weight-Mapped version for use in Poser 7-8
      • CK2 Underpants 9+
        • Weight-Mapped version for use in Poser 9-
      • CK2 Underpants DS
        • For use in DAZ Studio 3+ only
        • Not recommended for use with body scaling which uses the hip, when conformed to Creepy Kid Too
      • Hair (.hr2)
  • Morphs and Parameter Dials
    • Over 100 Dials for Morphing
    • Head Dials (106 in total)
  • Animation Capabilities
    • Poser-Walk-Designer Ready!
    • DAZ Studio - includes .dmc file for DAZ's Mimic and DAZ Studio Lip Sync
  • Poses
    • 20 poses plus default pose
  • Materials
    • All Materials support Gamma Correction and Indirect Lighting.
    • Five Skin Variations
      • Default
      • Blue
      • Gray
      • Green
      • Red
    • Ten Eye Variations
      • Black
      • Blue
      • Brown
      • Creepy
      • Creepy2
      • Creepy3
      • Gray
      • Green
      • Red
      • Yellow
    • Six Hair Variations (Poser Compatible only)
      • Black
      • Blonde
      • Blue
      • Brown
      • Purple
      • Red
    • Compatibility
      • Basic Shaders for Poser 7 and 8 or Daz Studio
      • 9+ Shaders
  • Textures
    • Fully-Textured Head and Body Maps
  • Additional Information

    Additional Information

    SKU 11116
    Genre Contemporary
    Compatible Figures n/a
    Compatible Software No
    Release Date Mar 21, 2016

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