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Are the characters in your renders starting to look the same? RandomHive will help you create new and interesting characters using the HiveWire family. Compatible with Poser only.

Product Description


Requires one or more of the following:

  • Dawn
  • Dusk
  • Baby Luna

    And at least one character or morph pack (the more you use, the more options you have!)

RandomHive is script for Poser that helps you make new and interesting characters. It allows you to randomize all or select parts of a figure. Making a fully random figure is easy, but to get things as you want them will take some tweaking. RandomHive will give you a list of the morphs it changed, so that you can easily find and tweak a morph to be more to your liking.

Better yet, you can choose specific parts to re-randomize. Got a great face, but don't like the eyes? You can leave all the other morphs intact and get a new set of random eyes. Or are you trying to make a pair of sisters? Set up two figures with the same morphs, then slightly randomize a feature like a nose or lips to create a similar but different character. Creating a race of elves? Dial in the morphs you want to be static, then randomize the other features to create some diversity within bounds you set. Similarly, you can use it with the Creature Heads to isolate parts like Nose, Cranium, or Eyes.

RandomHive is specially designed for the HiveWire3D family. It will randomize morphs to change the shape of the figure, but will not touch the built in posing morphs, or the expressions included in the BaseINJ. Once you have the figure you want, run the included MorphCleanBot script to remove some morphs but leave the controls and expressions behind!

You also have the option of including or excluding asymmetric morphs, all to give you the most control over the type of figure you want to create.

Also works with characters like Axel, Alexis, Diva, etc. See pdf tutorial for tips and tricks.

What's Included & Features

  • RandomHive
    • Poser Script to randomize figures.
    • Asymmetric option to include or exclude asymmetric morphs.
    • 10 categories of morphs to choose to randomize
    • Full Body Morphs
      • All Head/Face
      • Face Shape
      • Forehead
      • Eyes
      • Ear
      • Nose
      • Cheek
      • Chin/Jaw
      • Lips
  • MorphCleanBot
    • A helper script with 3 options
      • Remove morphs with a zero value (unused morphs)
      • Remove all morphs regardless of value
      • Set all morphs to zero
  • Certain expression morphs/controls not affected by the script

Includes Demo Video and .pdf Users Manual

Special Thanks to my beta testers Yvonne Landscheidt aka Margy and Glitterati3D

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11171
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures Baby Luna, Dawn, Dusk
Compatible Software No
Release Date May 2, 2016

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