Savage Warrior for Dawn Zoom

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Savage Warrior for Dawn

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30 Full body poses with mirrors and 8 Grips with mirrors for Dawn and the Savage Weapon Set, with Action themes in mind. Compatible with Poser 10+

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Requires Dawn and Savage Weapons for Dawn

"Ulla gripped the blade she had fashioned from the great beasts jaw tightly in hand as she led her tribeswoman down into the Valley of Rock. Moll hefted her heavy wood club over her shoulder, and Taan kept her bow at the ready as they advanced. They knew not what they would find in this place bellow the snows. Thankfully they had fashioned helmets from the skulls of the beasts they hunt, and a shield from a creature of the sea of salt. Now they looked to go to war with the gorilla tribe. Long had the lowbrows carried off their clansmen, today they would see retribution. While Ulla thanked the great teaching stone for the knowledge to fashion these tools in their time of need, she secretly wondered if it would become a curse her children's children would some day bear the cost of."

This is a set of full body poses and grips for Dawn and the Savage Weapons props set. Inspired by the Savage Outfit for Dawn, and with the thought of action in mind.

What's Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2)
    • 30 Full Body Poses with Mirrors (60 in all)
    • 8 Hand Poses with Mirrors (16 in all)

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11774
Genre Fantasy
Compatible Figures Dawn
Compatible Software No
Release Date Jan 5, 2018

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