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Caden for Genesis 3 Male

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Caden is a handsome male character who can be a mid- and older teenage boy or a young adult male. Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.9+


Product Description


Caden comes with a wide range of material and shaping options, including 11 eyes materials, different eye brows (also a no brows preset is included so that you can use your own materials if you like), body hair LIE options, alternate face shapes (younger and older) and body shaping options for a younger/older and muscular appearance.

His approximate age is about 16 to 19, depending what shaping and material options you use.

Since he is based on the Genesis 3 Male Base figure you can use any other morphs and materials that are compatible, to make Caden even more unique.

What's Included & Features

  • Character (.duf)
    • Caden Full Character Preset
  • Shape Presets (.duf)
    • Caden Body INJ / REM
    • Caden Head INJ / REM
    • Caden Muscular INJ / REM
    • Caden Face Default / Alternate 1+2 / Younger / Older
    • Caden Body Younger INJ / REM
  • Morph Control Dials (.duf)
    • Caden Body
    • Caden Head
    • Caden Full
    • Caden Body Younger
    • Caden Muscular
    • Caden Alternate Face
    • Caden Face Older
    • Caden Face Younger
  • Material Presets -Iray only (.duf)
    • 11 Eyes Color Presets
    • Blond, Brown, Black Eye Brows and No Brows Preset
    • 4 Eye Lashes Presets
    • Armpit Hair LIE Preset
    • Facial Hair LIE Preset
    • Chest Hair LIE Preset
    • Navel Hair LIE Preset
    • Chest Tattoo LIE Preset
  • Textures
    • 69 Diffuse, Bump, Spec and Normal Maps (up to 4096x4096)

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11807
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Genesis 3 Male
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.9+
Release Date Feb 9, 2018

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