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phd Photoreal SuperFly vol 1

phd Photoreal SuperFly vol 1 is a toolset for Advanced Poser Users for rapidly making and converting shaders to SuperFly to create photorealism effects. Compatible with Poser only

Product Description


Easily make or convert: foliage, architectural materials, cloth, leather, metals, emissive objects and combined materials. Poser 11/SuperFly only product.

Requires Poser 11+

Make or convert: foliage, architectural materials, cloth, leather, metals, emissive objects and combined materials.

This is also a Merchant Resource. Additionally, it can be used to make Merchant Resources. Commercial products only - no freebies. Additional conditions are below

This set provides easy access to advanced SuperFly features that are not available without advanced node work via physical surface and Ubershader-Style solutions. Quickly create 2-sided, translucency, velvety materials, and camera-only effects. When you have textures ready, you can create new amazing materials or convert older ones in 2-5 minutes. All shaders have been tested to give the same results in all render modes: with CPU and GPU, with Branched Path option on and off.

This product is designed for Vendors and Advanced Material Room users!!

Be warned: you MUST know your way around the Poser Material Room to be able to use this product

phd has created this thread in the HiveWire forums for questions and help, so please join in!:

There are no "click and render" files or scripts in this product. You should at least know how to work with Image maps and procedural textures like Noise.

What's Included & Features

  • 50+ page pdf User Manual for the product, with review, reference, how-to, and addendum on render speed optimization.
  • Material templates in mt5 format for the 1- and 2-sided Glossy Velvety Translucent materials
    • There are 4 templates: 2 for one-sided and 2 for two-sided surfaces. The difference between them is in the formula for the Fresnel reflection, one is for the dielectric materials only but more precise, second is less precise but works for the metals too
    • These templates allow you to make almost any material, with the exception of refractive materials and volumetric effects.
    • Standard time to convert image-based FireFly material to Cycles with these templates is from 2 to 15 minutes.
    • Each template has only tree nodes: root, CutOut node to apply the transparency maps, and Basic Node with all necessary controls, including weights for all components of the shaders, bump map controls and advanced controls
  • Advanced controls included
    • For the glossy component - specular map remapping for effortless work with the legacy and modern PBR specular maps;
    • For the velvety component - inner and outer colors for the colors blending exponent
    • For the translucency component - thickness control to emulate thickness influence for objects without volume
    • The 2-sided shaders have independent controls for both sides, including different normals and bump maps
  • Material template for the emissive material with advanced controls for camera perception of the material ("Tricky Emission").
  • Additional layers for the specific effects
    • 6 glossy layers, for both sides and first or second side only
    • 3 emissive layers, for both or only one side, the same advanced controls as in the emissive material
    • 3 diamond dusting layers for the flowers and special effects (it is a camera-only effect)
    • 1 SSS mix for the materials with subsurface scattering
    • All layers are controlled via weight maps and can share normal and bump map setup with the base surface, add own settings on the top of the base surface, or have fully independent setup
  • Component and utility nodes, including
    • 4 Basic nodes
    • CutOut node
    • 2 Glossy weight nodes with different formula for the fresnel effect
    • 3 clamped HSV nodes groups
    • Transparency Check nodegroup
    • 3 math nodegroups - linear invert, linear Min-Max and linear gain
  • All materials, layers and nodes are referenced in the manual
  • >How-to section of the manual includes topics about Glossy surfaces setup with examples, suggested workflow for FireFly materials conversion, about working with the terrain materials, and example setups for the mossy bark material and the architectural glass

  • Merchant Resource Conditions
    • Commercial products only. No freebies
    • Can be used to make Merchant Resources
      • You may not redistribute the original files from this package. You can redistribute nodes in your OWN figures, props, scenes and other Poser files, IF you add your own image maps, nodegroups and/or procedural textures to the nodegroups of this product.
      • If you use it for another Merchant Resource, it can not be a general, universal resource that would be in direct competition to this one ((such as shaders for all glossy things). It must be resource for a particular type of materials (such as, for example, leather shaders, wood shaders and so on)
    • You CAN freely use any information you can find inside the nodegroups of this product to make your own nodegroups and use it as you want.
    • Reverse engineering is allowed and encouraged.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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Compatible Software Poser 11+
Release Date Apr 16, 2017

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