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HiveWire Lion Family

Devour the good life with the fiery King of Beasts, a symbol of power, courage and leadership. Compatible with Poser 10+ and DAZ Studio 4.10+

Product Description


With an easy strength and natural dignity, the lion is featured in many cultures to symbolize power, courage and leadership. While most cats tend to be solitary, lions are community and family oriented and live in a group that is known as a 'pride'.

The HiveWire Lion Family includes a detailed, realistic Lion and Lioness for the HiveWire Big Cat. Create majestic renders with the included material presets for the Lion, Lioness, and Lion Cub (requires the HiveWire Cub). Also included are a realistic mane, tail hair and elbow hair, plus 9 poses each for the King and Queen of the Beasts.

Lion and Lioness require the HiveWire Big Cat. Cub additionally requires the HiveWire Cub

Note:Models (including LoadAll Characters) come into the scene with either Iray (DS) or Superfly (Poser) optimized materials. To render using 3Delight (DS), in Poser 10 or using Poser 11+ Firefly (Poser), please apply desired material prior to rendering.

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.obj, .cr2, .duf)
    • HiveWireLionMane
    • LionElbowHair
    • LionTailHair
  • LoadAll Characters (.duf, .pz3)
    • Poser
      • HiveWireLionLoadAll - loads Big Cat with Lion Morph on and with Mane, Elbow Hair and Tail Hair, into the scene
      • HiveWireLionessLoadAll - loads Big Cat with Lioness morph on and with Tail Hair, into the scene
    • DAZ Studio
      • HiveWireLion - loads Big Cat with Lion Morph on and with Mane, Elbow Hair and Tail Hair, into the scene
      • HiveWireLioness - loads Big Cat with Lioness morph on and with Tail Hair, into the scene
  • Morph INJ/REM (.pz2)
    • For Poser only (DAZ Studio morph is present when product is installed)
      • HiveWireLion INJ
      • HiveWireLion REM
  • Materials (.duf, .mc6)
    • Body
      • Lion
      • Lion Cub (requires the HiveWire Cub)
      • Lioness
    • Hair
      • Lion Elbow Hair
      • Lion Mane 1
      • Lion Mane 2
      • Lion Tail Hair
    • Render Engines
      • DAZ Studio - Iray and 3Delight
      • Poser - Superfly (requires Poser 11+) and Firefly
  • Textures
    • High Resolution Texture Maps
      • 6000x6000 Lion
      • 6000x6000 LionCub
      • 6000x6000 Lioness
      • 4096x4096 Lion Elbow Hair
      • 2048x2048 Lion Eye Base
      • 4096x4096 Lion Mane 1
      • 4096x4096 Lion Mane 2
      • 4096x4096 Lion Tail Hair
  • Morphs
    • 2 Base Morphs
      • FBMLion
      • FBMLioness
    • 7 Partial Body Morphs
      • 1 Elbow Hair Control
        • PBMElbowTuftsTapered
      • 1 Tail Hair Control
        • PBMTailTuftFlared
      • 5 Mane Hair Controls
        • PBMLionManeFlare
        • PBMLionManeIrregular
        • PBMLionManeMatted
        • PBMLionManeWidowsPeak
        • PBMLionManeYoung
    • 1 Partial Head Morph
      • PHMMouthLionRoar
    • 9 Corrective Morphs
      • 9 MCMs
        • MCMLionCub
        • MCMLionCubEyesClosedLeft
        • MCMLionCubEyesClosedRight
        • MCMLionessEyesClosedLeft
        • MCMLionessEyesClosedRight
        • MCMLionEyesClosedLeft
        • MCMLionEyesClosedRight
        • MCMLionMouthYawn
        • MCMLionMouthYawn2
  • Poses (.duf, .pz2)
    • 18 Base Poses adjusted for Lion and Lioness Morphs
      • 2 poses each, one for the Lion and one for the Lioness
        • Attack 01
        • Batting 01
        • Laying Down 01
        • Running 01
        • Sitting 01
        • Stalking 01
        • Standing 01
        • Stretching 01
        • Trotting 01
        • Walking 01

NOTE: All of the Lion and Lioness and hair morphs are located in the body group of the Big Cat, so that you don't have to hunt and peck around trying to find the master control dials for any body part morph.

Please be sure to look at the ReadMe for important information on use of this product.

Please be sure you have the updated version of the HiveWire Big Cat from 8-2017 or 1-2018 - this info is in the ReadMe File.

Special Thanks to CWRW, the HiveWire Beta and QAV teams, and the loyal HiveWire 3D community, for their help in the development of this figure.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11926
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures HiveWire Big Cat
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.10+, Poser 10+/Pro2014
Release Date Jun 29, 2018

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