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Call of the Wild Poses for Dusk

Listen to your heart and don't let your renders whisper - make them SCREAM with Call Of The Wild Poses for Dusk. It's your turn to take a walk on the WILD SIDE!! Compatible with DAZ Studio and Poser


Product Description


A sound splits the jungle air like the cutting edge of a knife and slowly creeps into bone and blood, placing fear and dread within the deepest chambers of the heart. From the trees, a lone figure looms large and foreboding, swinging ever closer on the thick strangler vines twisting through the trees. Like an apparition in the jungle darkness, the figure is seen but not seen until it drops from the trees into a cat-like crouch inches in front you and gazes into your eyes with a wild, primal, yet human, intelligence.

Call of the Wild Poses for Dusk will give your characters an unmatched jungle presence. They are perfect for many different render settings, whether your character likes to swing from the trees, stalk unsuspecting prey, or squat near a cool jungle stream. The set includes 7 swinging poses, 5 squatting poses and 7 climbing and stalking poses for a total of 19 jungle poses in all. Additionally, both left and right mirror poses are included for each pose, for a total of 38 posing options.

These poses can also be used with the HiveWire Gorilla (with a few minor modifications to the torso where poses have hands on the ground). They also work well with Jungle Kids for Diva, CWRW's Taka and Rodrigo, and CG Cubed's Sculpted Dusk, to give your characters a unique jungle identity. Tips are included about how to modify them to be used with the Gorilla and how to ramp up your Dusk characters using the Sculpted Dusk, Taka and Rodrigo body morphs.

Don't be civilized - let your wild jungle style swing free in your renders, with Call of the Wild Poses for Dusk!

What's Included & Features

  • Poses (.pz2, .duf)
    • 19 Jungle Poses with mirrors for 38 total options
      • 7 Swinging Poses with left and right mirrors
      • 5 Squatting Poses with left and right mirrors
      • 7 Climbing and Stalking Poses with left and right mirrors

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 11359
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dusk
Compatible Software No
Release Date Aug 15, 2016

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