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How to Make Clothing for Poser - a Step by Step Guide

The question is "How do I make clothing for Poser?" This is a book in .pdf format

Product Description


I wanted to finally answer the question that people have been asking me for years, and 22 chapters later here it is. This isn't everything in this topic, by any means, but it is most of everything you need to know to get started, all laid out step by step in an actual project creation from start to finish. My workflow may not work for you, but this is a good place to start.

Every stage in the process is explained, and then walked through step by step. I explain why I do certain things certain ways, and what is most important to pay attention to. Some things I mention are guidelines, some are common custom and some are laws of the program. Things you do while modeling directly affect the rigging, 200 steps later, so it is much better to know now and not hours into the project.

Some sections are repeated for different programs (uvmapping, etc). The main focus is on concepts, not tools specific to a program. I made this tutorial using Cinema 4d version 7, UVlayout, UVmapper, Auto Group Editor, Photoshop, Poser, and Poser File Editor, but you can follow along with almost any modeling program, text editor, image editor and version of Poser.

After the main project is covered end to end, I went back and added in more chapters to cover other common tasks needed for Poser clothing creation such as conversions, custom rigging, dress handles, props, fur trim, dynamic clothing, ERC, EZpose and much more.

And then, because Poser does have its little ways no matter how careful you are to get it right, a comprehensive troubleshooting chapter with lists of symptoms, possible causes and fixes. Every one of these issues was discovered by myself or another Poser clothing creator (sometimes several times) .

"How to Make Clothing for Poser is a comprehensive course in 3D clothing creation for Poser and related programs. It starts at ground zero, in the modeller, and goes all the way through mapping, texturing, rigging, and the beta test/quality assurance process then adds in some advanced options before ending on trouble shooting. At each step, the book gives important insights backed up by years of the author's personal experience in the field of Poser clothing design. Whether you are a beginner to the 3D world or seasoned graphic artist, you will find How to Make Clothing for Poser a treasure trove of useful tips and information. - Neferset"

What's Included & Features

  • 259 page book in .pdf format
    • Prologue – Getting Ready
    • Chapter 1 – Modeling
    • Chapter 2 – Uvmapping with UVLayout
    • Chapter 2A – Uvmapping with UVMapper
    • Chapter 3 – Making a Base Conformer
    • Chapter 4 – Grouping
    • Chapter 4A – Grouping in Poser
    • Chapter 5 – Setting Materials in UVMapper
    • Chapter 6 – Poser Setup
    • Chapter 7 – Texturing in Photoshop
    • Chapter 8 – Poser Texture Setup.
    • Chapter 9 – Morphs
    • Chapter 10 – Cr2 Cleanup
    • Chapter 11 – Promos and Thumbnails
    • Chapter 12 – Packing
    • Chapter 13 – Beta Testing and Fixes
    • Chapter 14 – Conversions
    • Chapter 15 – Poser 9+Weightmapping
    • Chapter 16 – Custom Bodyparts
    • Chapter 17 – Dynamic Clothing
    • Chapter 18 – Fur Trim
    • Chapter 19 – Props
    • Chapter 20 – Advanced cr2 Programming
    • Chapter 21 – Troubleshooting

    Please note that zip download file is larger than normal because of the size of the pdf - file is a bit over 125mb,

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Additional Information

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