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Web Garden

Not all creepy characters hang out in crypts and graveyards. For the more sophisticated creatures of the night this formal spiderweb themed garden is ideal.


Product Description


Not all creepy characters hang out in crypts and graveyards. This formal Web themed garden is ideal for the more sophisticated creatures of the night.

Encircled in old stone walls with cast iron spiderweb gates, the garden is complete with cast iron spiderweb furniture. Perfect for elegant midnight tea parties, moonlit seductions or anything else your twisted imagination can come up with.

What's Included & Features

  • Preset Scenes
    • Preset
      • Fully loaded scene with lights, camera, garden and backdrop ready to load your figure and go.
    • Models
      • The WebGarden
        • Ready to go with walls, ground, furniture all parented together.
        • Sidewall Gates and Main Gates open.
      • The WebGate
        • Because sometimes all you need is the gate, a secondary figure has been set up with just the gate and pillars.
        • Gate uses the same materials as the main garden walls and metals.
    • Props - This set includes several static props. Most are included in the preloaded figures, or the preloaded scenes
      • GardenGround
        • The ground for the main garden is a separate prop.
        • If needed it can be removed, or loaded on its own.
        • It contains a paved path and raised flowerbeds.
      • Arbor, Arbor Bench, Bench
        • The web themed cast iron arbor can be used with the matching bench, or the bench can be added to any support you choose.
      • Backdrop, Swing, Tree
        • The included backdrop is very large to completely surround the garden and allow for a variety of camera angles.
        • Materials include several zones for the Ground, Midground and Sky.
        • Rolling terrain and a small hill are included in the ground area.
        • The tree and swing have been sculpted to match the backdrop hill, but can be used separately.
      • Chair, Table
        • The centerpiece of the garden is the web themed cast iron chair and table
        • Designed from classic Victorian sets with a web design
        • Delicate spirals of a spiders web are captured in cast iron
        • Note - Moderately high polygon. Be careful using too many in a scene.
    • Cameras
      • Eight camera presets have been included that explore every angle of the garden and backdrop.
      • Please Note - these cameras are set for use with the supplied preset scene. If the garden is moved the effect may not match the camera previews
    • Lights
      • Four HDR light presets have been supplied
    • Pose
      • One pose to reverse the direction of the garden has been included
    • Materials
      • All items are preloaded with materials.
      • Defaults, and any additional options for items are included.
    • Skies
      • Four skies and a BONUS Cloudy set are included to match the four HDR light sets.
    • Midground
      • The Backdrop Midground has materials to add overlays that will render over the skies - bats, creepy trees, trees & bats, gradient and off entirely.
    • Metals
      • Shader based metals for the Table, Chair, Arbor, Bench and Garden Gates

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU 10328
Genre Goth, Victorian
Compatible Figures n/a
Compatible Software No
Release Date Nov 16, 2013

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