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Marshland Backgrounds

Unleash your creativity and create a haven for birds, beast, and all manner of reptilian species that inhabit the marshlands. 2D Backgrounds

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There are no fears, there are no lies
They cannot understand this thrill
In the night the marsh cricket cries
A song of aurora skies.

Ringing through the starless still.
A pale gray moon, listening, sighs,
No wind rippling the watermill.

Shearing the dark a lone bird flies,
The melody shivers in the chill
Hours before forgotten sunrise,
In the night the marsh cricket cries.
Dreaming a dream of aurora skies.
In the darkness still.

-Grace EunSong Lee-

In China, marshes were places for fishing and hunting, but the hunting was ritual. This was because the powers of Heaven were said to be manifested in marshes and because they, too, were spiritual centers: a place where all of nature was in harmony with the spiritual tranquility of still waters that run deep. The Chinese hexagram t'u, the sign for still water, carries with it the meaning of harmony of body and spirit, fulfillment, and wealth. Allow yourself to become one with the earth and waters of the mystic marshlands, teaming with the wealth of beautiful nature.

Then again, "There is still life in these old hands. Ask the Alligator. His blood helped, Then on the diet of the blood of snakes, toads, and all the putrid life of the Mississippi, slowly, Lestat became something like himself again. Claudia ... you've been a very, very naughty little girl." - The Vampire Lestat

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  • Images (.jpg)
    • 36 Marshland background .jpg images, 2500 x 1500 (WxH), at 300 DPI

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Additional Information

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